Creative & fun ways to get your child to write this December holidays introduction

As the school holiday approaches and school books are kept away, students are looking forward to some rest and relaxation. This is also a great time to introduce some fun writing ideas for students to try as a means to inculcate the love of writing.


journaling illustration

Bullet journaling has become a popular way to pen down thoughts and goals. Children and even adults use coloured pens and calligraphy pens to decorate their bullet journals.

While the set up of journaling can initially be a little costly, this is a great way for students to spend time to write down their feelings and thoughts as well as explore their creative side.

Self-published books

self published books

This is another great way to motivate a child to write. Creating an interesting plot, characters and suspense and then publishing the story in a book can be highly motivating for aspiring young writers.

While aiming to be a famous writer is always good, simply adding in some illustrations to the story and printing out some copies in a book form as Christmas gifts for the family can be just as motivating for the child.

Letter Writing

letter writing

Planning to travel overseas with the family? A great way to inculcate the love of letter writing is by asking a child to write back home to friends or family, telling them about the exciting daily happenings. Making sure to send off these letters everyday from the country you are visiting, will motivate the child to write regularly, as they anticipate grandma or their best friend receiving their daily letters in the mailbox.

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