The mid-year WAs and SA1s are over and the holidays are about to begin! While relaxing and having a good time are essential components of having a good school holiday, planning some fun creative writing projects for your child can be a good way to practice writing skills.

So, here are 3 fun writing projects

Creating a creative space

While this doesn’t require your child to actually do any writing, designating a space in your house or your child’s room just for creating can be a good start to the project. It does not require a great deal of space or money. A small, quiet corner of a room is good enough. Your child may decorate his or her creative space however they may see fit. A small desk and chair or some fluffy pillows or cushions to sit on. Your child may decorate the walls with some personal artwork or posters of her favorite authors or books. They can even create a sign that reads: Creative Space – Do not Disturb. The purpose of a creative space will let the child know that when they sit in this space, it is time to create, whether it is a story, a book or simply writing in a journal or diary. By being part of creating this space, the child also feels that they are not forced into writing a story or in a diary. It is a space that they created for themselves.


Social media is awash with different forms of journaling. From bullet journals to online journals, everyone is spoiled for choice should they choose to pen down their feelings. If buying one of these journals is not an option for you, then your child can simply create one. Stickers and stamps are easy to find at a low cost in Popular or online.

Remind your child to write down his or her thoughts and feelings after a day out with friends or family during the June holidays. If you will be traveling, bring that journal along with you so that your child can describe his or her experiences in their journal.

This activity will allow children to understand how to associate describing feelings with events that they have experienced and bring those feelings to their compositions later.

Create story prompts

As you visit the sights in Singapore, tell your child to take pictures of things that interest them. if they love the panda at the zoo, then take a picture of it or a rollercoaster at Universal Studios. Then, print out that photo and paste it into her writing book. Ask your child to write any story that they want based on the picture, which is their writing prompt. The story can be as fun or nonsensical as they want, as long as the story prompt is featured in their story.

This will allow students, especially lower primary students, to learn how to create stories based on a picture and it will help them in their composition writing later.

We hope that the 3 ways above have given you ideas on writing projects that you can do with your child this holiday. We wish everyone a very happy school holiday!

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