I believe that the start of a good writer is usually in the P3 and P4 years. Having said that, I have had students who have come to me in P5 and blossomed to be humorous and exciting writers.

In the writing section of my P3 & P4 classes, our usual Composition planning follows the simple:

Introduction   –   Problem   –   Solution   –   Ending

I wanted the Planning technique to be as simplified as possible in the first few months of classes to get the students used to the planning quickly, and writing within a time frame of 40 mins (5 mins to plan, 40 mins to write, 5 mins to check).

For students at this age group and at the start of the year my objectives for them are:

  • 1) Able to plan within 5 minutes by looking at the theme and pictures. Planning does not need to be completely written down but student must be able to tell me his complete story idea
  • 2) Able to complete writing the Composition within the 40 minute time frame given
  • 3) Able to check through his writing and correct some of his tenses or punctuation mistakes on his own.

The Composition model below is A Competition. It was written by my P3 student in my P4 class. I have added on more descriptions to the story for him but the content and the humor are all his own.

P3 Composition model – A competition Picture

Note to students

The model compositions in this blog are to help students generate ideas and to be used as a guide. Students are not allowed to copy the model compositions and then pass them off as their own work, especially in school. It is called plagiarism.

illustration for the P3 Composition model on the theme of A Competition

Nervous. That was what I was feeling. I scanned my surroundings and there was a sea of people wearing different coloured t-shirts with numbers printed on the back. I was at the Inter-School Championship stadium and the 100-metre sprint was just about to start.           

I was as jittery as a small boy lost in a shopping mall. Looking at the competitors around me, I regretted signing up for the race. There was a tall, muscular Indian boy beside me. He looked like a miniature Usain Bolt! How was I ever going to win?           

A starter pistol went off with a loud bang, signalling the start of the race. I started running as fast as the wind, all my nerves then forgotten. My friend Jayden, from 3K, raced to the front while I was lagging behind. Just as I thought that he was going to win the race, Jayden tripped on a small pebble and flew forward. He landed hard on the ground and was bleeding. I was in a horrible dilemma. Should I help him? But if I stopped, I would surely lose the race.           

In a split second, I made the decision to help him. I knew that it would be meaningless if I won but left my friend bleeding in agony. I helped him up and together we walked to the Finish line. The next day, the school Principal made an announcement about what I had done and she even invited me on stage to hand me an award. I was disqualified from the race but I was not at all disappointed. I knew that I had done the right thing. 

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