Here are a few composition Helping phrases to help P3 and P4 students write better English compositions on the theme of honesty.

P3 Composition helping phrases to use in first Paragraph

  • Almost the end of recess
  • Throngs of children, rushing to put away their dishes
  • I headed to the school library

Second Paragraph

  • Cool air and calm atmosphere greeted me
  • Borrow books for the long weekend
  • New arrivals section
  • Found the book I had been eagerly waiting for
  • Grabbed the book and flipped through the pages excitedly
  • In my haste, I accidentally tore some pages
  • My heart started to beat wildly in fear
  • I knew that I should be honest and tell the librarian
  • I was too terrified
  • Quietly placed the book back on the shelf
  • Little did I know that the librarian, Mrs Tan was standing behind me
  • Took the book from me and looked through it
  • Reprimanded me severely for my dishonesty
  • Ashamed of myself

Third paragraph

  • My parents were informed
  • Very disappointed in me
  • Had to pay for the book
  • Learnt a valuable lesson- honesty is the best policy

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