My Primary 3s and Primary 4s are having their English Oral examinations over the next 2 weeks. So, I am posting a P3 oral based on the theme of hobbies. The choice question, which is the first question is the one that is quite common especially in the P3 level.

P3 English Oral Hobbies

Illustration for P3 English Oral on the theme of Hobbies

Question 1: Which of these books would you choose for your friend?


I would choose the Superman Comic book for my friend.


The comic book looks very colourful and attractive and he will like the colourful graphics in the comics. He owns many comic books, some of which are Superman comics. He prefers reading comics to a storybook because he says that most storybooks are too long and boring.


Superman is his also his favourite character. He has watched all the Superman movies and loves to talk about them. Even though the comic book costs $15, I will still buy it for him because I know that he will really enjoy reading it.


I would not buy the English Practice book because we are already bogged down with school homework to do and he does not like Art & Craft. He prefers to be outdoors playing soccer


Last month I went to his house for his birthday party. We all had to dress up and he wore his Superman costume so I think he would love another comic book as a gift.

Question 2: Which of these books would you buy for yourself and why?


I would definitely buy the Art and Craft book.


I love doing art projects at home. My mother supports my hobby and usually, as a reward, she will take me to Popular or Art Friend and together we will choose art supplies. This book can give me more ideas on how I can create new art or craft pieces.


During the June holidays, I created book covers for my notebooks and made bookmarks for my family and friends. This December holidays, I plan to work on a larger art project and if that turns out well, I may be able to give that to my mom as a Christmas gift. Mother has also asked me to make Christmas cards that we will be sending out to family and friends. So, I would choose to buy the Art and Craft book for myself.

Question 3: Aside from art and craft, what else do you like to do?

Thought & Example:

I like to read. I read all genres of books, from mystery to fantasy. I have just finished the Harry Potter collection and my mother has bought me the new book. It’s actually a play but it is as interesting as any of the other books. Another of my favourite books is the Dork diary series. I really like the character and sometimes I can relate to all the troubles she faces!

Twice a month my mother will take us to the National Library. There, we will borrow books though I find that all the books I want to read are never available. I also borrow books from my school library. Whenever, Popular or Kinokuniya bookshops have a sale, my mother will take me there to shop. So, aside from art and craft reading is my hobby.

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