As we come to the end of the first month of the second semester, students begin to focus on the end-of-the-year examinations. With many schools phasing out the mid-year examinations or just testing certain components, the end-of-the-year exams are a good way to check on how students are faring in school. Most exams begin in October with the oral component being slightly earlier in September. One of the ways that we begin preparing our P3 students is by giving them both Vocabulary and Editing lists to learn. Students may also begin to attempt more challenging grammatical & comprehension exercises.

Below is an example of such a Vocabulary and Editing list. These lists are easy to create at home as well.

Vocabulary and Editing lists

Ai Tong Primary SA2 – Primary 3 English Vocabulary and Editing List


  1. fascinated – extremely interested
  2. put on – wear (usually clothes)
  3. put up – to raise something to a higher position (such as decorations)
  4. put across – communicate something effectively (such as an idea)
  5. resilient – to be happy or successful again after something bad has happened


  1. repair
  2. neighbour
  3. grateful

Catholic High SA2


  1. cobbler – a person whose job is mending shoes
  2. plumber – a person whose job is to repair or connect pipes or fixtures in water pipes, baths or toilets
  3. electrician – a person whose job is to repair or maintain electrical equipment
  4. technician – a person whose job is to repair or maintain machines
  5. diligent – hardworking


  1. disappointed
  2. arrived
  3. panicking
  4. worried
  5. careless

Raffles Girls Primary School SA2


  1. a stable – a place where domesticated animals are cared for and fed
  2. a coop – a cage or pen in which poultry (chicken or ducks) are kept
  3. a loafer – a person who avoids work and spends their time lazily
  4. a wanderer – a person who travels place to place without any purpose
  5. saunter – to walk in a slow, relaxed manner
  6. sprint – to run at full speed over a short distance


  1. playful
  2. agreeable
  3. careless
  4. environment

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