This week marks the start of the SA1 composition for some of our students. As a way to help our P4 students revise for this component, I have prepared a checklist for them as reminders of what they should do as they sit for the examination. We have shared the checklist below and we hope that it may be useful to all P4 students out there. We wish all P4 students all the best for their upcoming SA1.

Primary 4 English composition reminders

1. Read the instructions carefully

Check if you are required to write in the third person point of view (e.g Tom and Mary) or only in the first person point of view (e.g. I )


Write about a mischievous act – First or third person point of view

Write about a good idea that you had – First person point of view only

2. Study the theme

Understand the theme

Add the theme in your Planning by using synonyms or feelings

Example: If the theme is a mischievous act, use phrases to describe mischief, such as , ‘a glint of mischief in his eyes,’ ‘ a mischief-maker’,

End your story by mentioning the theme

3. Study your pictures

Are the pictures set randomly so you will need to choose one or two for your story?

Are the pictures linked together so you can use all of the pictures in your story?

4. Use helping Phrases

Read the boxed helping phrases provided and use them if possible. They can guide you in your story

5. Plan carefully

Take the time to plan your story (not more than 5 minutes). You may use the story mountain.

Ensure that you have at least 5 clear paragraphs.

6. Have a good Introduction & Ending

Prepare some clear Introduction and Ending paragraphs that you may use for certain plots. E.g. Descriptive introductions about the weather or setting of the story.

7. Revise your writing techniques done in class

Read through our lists of Introductions, Conclusions, Proverbs, Idioms, Characterisation, and Settings etc.

8. Check your work

Read through your story when you are done writing, paying special attention to Punctuation and Tenses.

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