The last composition that our P4 class worked on was called Something Exciting. As I would like my P4s and P5s to be extra careful with composition themes, we firstly worked on words and phrases to complement the theme. These words and phrases are highlighted in the model composition below. This can be part of any composition planning. Write down words and phrases that complement the theme as you plan the plot.

My P4s could plan out their own exciting event, with the help of the pictures given but had to use the words and phrases to complement the theme. I had some interesting ‘exciting events’ and the model that I picked used the theme well and was descriptive. She had also developed her characters in her story and I found them funny and relatable.

English Composition model about something exciting for Primary 4 students in Singapore.

Note to students

The model compositions in this blog are to help students generate ideas and to be used as a guide. Students are not allowed to copy the model compositions and then pass them off as their own work, especially in school. It is called plagiarism.

picture for the P4 English Composition model on the topic of Something Exciting

Something Exciting

          “Yipee!” my friend and I screamed elatedly. We were in the canteen waiting for the bus to arrive. Suddenly, our teacher, Mrs Lin, called for the class to gather. She told us our roles again in case we had forgotten them.

          She said, ” Kirel and Alissa, you are go-kart drivers. After Mrs Lin explained the rules, we queued up in two straight lines and walked up to the bus bay. My small, baby blue, dress bag, with a picture of a cat on it, bounced around behind me.

          Alissa and I were tingling with anticipation as we sat outside the General Office to wait for the bus. After five minutes, our bus pulled up and everyone piled into it. After everyone was settled, we set off. Alissa and I took out our phones and we started playing Brawl Stars together as team. We could not contain our excitement! After playing a few rounds, we got out our earphones and listened to music.

          It took us forty minutes to arrive at our destination – the Road Safety Park! Getting off the bus, we went into a huge hall for  briefing on what we would be doing there. Then, they gave each team a phone so that we could use a map to find our way around.

          After the briefing, the go-kart drivers were led to get their go-karts. Alissa and I had the same five destinations so we would be able to go everywhere together. As we were driving, we saw Karen and Lilac, the two snobbiest girls in class, grumbling as they walked towards their destinations. Alissa laughed at the sight of the two of them walking. We drove our go-karts to our destinations and it was so exciting that we did not care that it was a blazing hot day.

          At the end of the day, we all got a driving license and a certificate for participating. It was truly an exciting day and I could not wait to return to the Road Safety Park again.

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