For those who have not had their Composition SA1 papers, here are a few topics to practise by planning out potential story lines. These were the themes that some of my students had for their SA1 papers recently.

Primary 4 Compositions

An Incident that took place in a train

Shopping bags/food/an old woman scolding two girls

An Incident at a market place

Shopping cart/counter/purse

A Frightening Incident

A girl crying/a telephone ringing/a dog chasing a policeman

Primary 5 & Primary 6 Compositions

A Careless Act

Umbrella/caution sign/wallet

A Quarrel

Two boys fighting/group project/ ?

Being Trustworthy

Two people climbing a mountain/a girl crying with another comforting her/ keys

Being Trustworthy

Prefect taking an oath/ 2 people chatting quietly/keys

Being Thankful

A present/lost and found counter/ ?

Being Generous

A clock/ a poster with a heart/ a piggy bank

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