Next week marks the start of most school for the Paper 1 SA2. Last week when I met my new students (mixed with my existing students), I did a revision on Situational Writing (SW) rules and we wrote a formal one out (for the P5s). For the composition (CW) part, I gave my P4-P5 classes a past year list of composition themes and together we planned out plots.

I concluded that part of the lesson by differentiating clearly the difference between :

  • Being honest
  • Being kind

The likelihood of going out of point is quite high if the student doesn’t pay close attention to the theme. While every composition for upper primary has 3 random pictures to choose from, I gave them just one – a wallet.

Using that one picture, we planned out possible plots suitable for the these two themes.

Below are 2 basic Planning – (Introduction/Body/Conclusion) for these two themes.

Being honest composition planning

Introduction – Main character & character development

  • comes from a poor family


  • difficulties main character faces being the only one without luxuries such as a smartphone in class
  • walking home from school through his nearby park
  • comes across a wallet

Body – Dilemma & Personal conflict

  • keep the wallet filled with money or give it to nearby police post
  • makes the right decision on being honest


  • while walking to the police station
  • sees his elderly neighbour, Mrs Tan, looking around the park desperately
  • goes up to her and realises that it is her wallet
  • money needed for important medicines
  • Mrs Tan praises main character for his honesty
  • Mrs Tan tells his parents who are proud of him
  • Mrs Tan calls his school principal


  • following day in school main character is called on stage and presented a plaque for Most Honest Student and presented with a cheque of $200
  • honesty is really the best policy

Being Kind composition planning

Introduction – Character description & dialogue

  • Main character making fun of a new student, P,  who comes from a poor family
  • P sits alone everyday at recess and eats food brought from home


  • Main character can’t find his wallet when the bell rings for recess
  • He searches desperately in the classroom and along the corridors
  • He is famished and tries to borrow money from his classmates
  • No one wants to lend him any money


  • Main character sits miserably in the canteen without any food
  • Suddenly P approaches him and offers to share his homemade fried rice with him
  • Main character is filled with shame by P’s kindness
  • He learns an important lesson about being kind to others

Conclusion & dialogue

  • Main character turns over a new leaf
  • He invites P to join him in a game of soccer and tells him that he has brought extra chocolate cake to share with P later
  • Both characters laugh and play together
  • Kindness brings happiness

P4 English tuition 2022 timetable

BranchDayStart timeEnd time
Bukit TimahWED5 pm7 pm
Bukit TimahSUN12 pm2 pm
Hougang PelikatWED3 pm5 pm
Hougang PelikatSAT1.30 pm3.30 pm

P4 English tuition 2023 timetable

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Bukit TimahMON3 pm5 pm
Bukit TimahFRI3 pm5 pm
Hougang PelikatTUE5 pm7 pm
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