With the MOE’s new policy of inculcating the joy of learning in schools, there has not been consistency in how students are tested throughout the year. Some schools continue to have regular testing while others do not give any marks or official tests till the end of the school year.

Specific components in English require more time to improve, such as Composition writing and Oral. It will take time for students to learn the different techniques that will help them score and then, they will need regular practice.

So, it is always a pleasure when we find out that our students do well on their formal examinations such as their SA2. J has been with TF since the start of the P4 year in 2022. She worked hard throughout the year with us, writing different themes weekly in class. We were happy to hear that she scored a 19/20 for her SA2 composition. She is with us for her P5 year and now learning a new set of skills to bring her compositions to the next level as she prepares for her PSLE in 2024.

With her mother’s permission, we are publishing her P4 SA2 composition below. Her school tested their P4 students last year on the theme of a kind act.

The three pictures given were children picking up litter at a park/ a box of donations / an injured puppy.

1. What made her SA2 2020 P4 composition special?

Just like in PSLE, students’ compositions in P3 and P4 are marked according to Content – 10 marks and Language and Organisation – 10 marks. While marks for compositions are out of 20 in P3 and P4, they increase to 40 in P5 and P6.

To get to the top band, students must have fully relevant and highly interesting ideas which are thoroughly developed in Content.

They should also have almost no errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Ideas should also be well-organised and students need to use wide and appropriate vocabulary in Language & Organisation.

J met the criteria above, using a number of techniques that we recommend at TF.

1.1 Descriptive introduction

Her story starts off with action. To add more descriptions, she used creative similes such as ‘a gazelle to the gate’.

1.2 Use of a mix of descriptive and narrative

By using descriptive phrases such as ‘overwhelmed with curiosity’ and ‘pride filled every fibre of Ella’s being’, J’s story becomes more interesting with the use of adjectives and phrases.

1.3 Personal thought & creating a dilemma

A protagonist should have a dilemma in a story so that he or she can learn and grow. What better way for a dilemma to play out than in a protagonist’s personal thoughts? It is also a great way to develop the theme of the story. J also used this well when her protagonist, Ella, was contemplating helping the stuck puppy or going home.

1.4 Dialogue

Dialogue is another good way to balance a narrative story. While an excess of dialogue is not advisable, one or two key lines can make a story more interesting. In J’s story, it was the protagonist’s mother who spoke, asking her why she was late and why she had a puppy with her.

1.5 Theme

Writing out of point can really be ‘painful’ for students in terms of marks, which is why at TF we really emphasise on ways to develop the theme well even from the P3 year. J remembered this rule well and you can see quite clearly how she developed the theme in her story.

1.6 Reflective ending

Yes, it is our favourite at TF. The reflective ending. We really feel that having a great ending is the way, to sum up, the whole story and make sure that you are not out of point. It also shows the protagonist’s growth in the story. Here, J has done an excellent job. She reflected well on the theme of kindness and showed the protagonist’s growth in the story.

2. P4 composition model – A Kind Act          

Note to students

The model compositions in this blog are to help students generate ideas and to be used as a guide. Students are not allowed to copy the model compositions and then pass them off as their own work, especially in school. It is called plagiarism.

Ring! The shrill ringing of the school bell reverberated through the silent hallway. Students ran out of the classroom like prisoners who had been set free. Ella bade goodbye to her classmates and sprinted like a gazelle to the gate.

              As Ella skipped past a bush in the park, she heard the leaves rustling. Overwhelmed with curiosity, she crept behind the bush and saw an abandoned puppy stuck in the bush! Should I help the puppy or should I turn a blind eye? If I turn a blind eye, this puppy could get seriously injured! A million thoughts raced through Ella’s mind. She was caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. After thinking for a while, she decided to be kind to the poor puppy and help it.

              As Ella tried to free the puppy, it struggled, making things harder. Ella decided to try to calm the puppy before trying to free it again. After what felt like an eternity, the dog was finally freed! Ella decided to check for any wounds on the puppy’s back before bringing it home.

              “Ella, why are you late and why are you holding a puppy?” Mother questioned as Ella stepped into the house.

Ella recounted the incident to her mother. Mother praised Ella for her kind act and checked if there were any serious injuries on the dog, as Mother was a part-time veterinarian nurse. Fortunately, the puppy was not seriously injured. They decided to adopt the puppy and name it Fluffy, as it was very Fluffy. Pride filled every fibre of Ella’s being as a brilliant smile cracked across her face.

              No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. As Ella lay in bed that night, images of the day’s events replayed in her mind like a movie reel. She vowed to be kind to animals and not mistreat them. With that thought in mind, Ella drifted off to oblivion.

We hope that the above post and J’s compositions have inspired you! Remember to write regularly!

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