This week marks the start of Paper 1 for some of the P4 students. Most P4 students will be given a composition with three unlinked pictures and a theme to follow. Some schools may offer the choice of both a P4 format and a P3 format but I know that is rare. Here are some reminders for the P4 SA2 English Composition followed by a model on being rescued. Wishing everyone all the best for their Paper 1 examination!

SA2 Composition Reminders

1. Study your question and pictures carefully

Your theme will guide you on your story plot. For example, if your theme is on ‘caught in the rain’ take note of the words ‘caught’ and ‘rain’. If the theme is on ‘a time you were rescued’, take note of the words ‘a time’ and ‘rescued’.

2. Pictures

If your 3 pictures are unlinked, choose one or two pictures and use the picture(s) in your plot.

In our P4 classes, I put a double tick above the sentence(s) when the picture(s) is/are used. This serves a reminder to my students to check if they have used a picture and elaborated on it. In the model below, my student used the picture of a pond.

3. Plan

Plan out your story plot. We like using the Story Mountain so that each part of our story is clearly laid out

4. Use the theme

Remember to mention the theme throughout your story. My P4 students have been taught throughout the year on the ways that they can bring the theme across in their stories. (You will also be able to see how one of my P4 students has used the theme in the model compo below)

5. Beginnings & Endings

Begin your story boldly and end by showing how the character (protagonist) in your story has learnt a lesson and grown.

In our classes we like to conclude in 2 ways:

Proverb + theme + lesson learnt

Reflection + theme + lesson learnt

Below, my student decided to use the first way: proverb + lesson learnt + theme.

P4 SA2 Composition model: Being Rescued

Note to students

The model compositions in this blog are to help students generate ideas and to be used as a guide. Students are not allowed to copy the model compositions and then pass them off as their own work, especially in school. It is called plagiarism.

             Grabbing my bag and saying goodbye to my mother, I dashed out of the house. It was the June school holidays and I was given permission to meet my friends at the Bukit Timah Gardens for a picnic. I took a short bus ride and met up with Jane and Mary at the entrance.

              Hugging one another, we entered the nearly deserted park. We found a patch of grass and laid out our picnic mat. Munching the scrumptious food packed by our mothers, we chatted animatedly. After lunch, we decided to play a game of tag.

“Where shall we play the game?” asked Jane.

“How about around the big pond in the middle of the park?” suggested Mary.

I readily agreed and we took a stroll in the park till we arrived at the big pond filled with fish and turtles.

“Don’t go too near the edge of the pond,” warned Mary, “None of us can swim and no one is around to rescue us.” (Theme using dialogue)

Jane and I burst out laughing. Mary was always timid and afraid. As the game began, we ran around, screaming to our hearts content. I was the catcher and I was determined to tag one of my friends. While I was running towards Mary, disaster struck.

              I slipped on the edge of the pond and before I could grab on to something I fell into the dark, murky water. I let out a blood curdling scream and tried to reach my feet to the bottom of the pond but it was too deep. I struggled in the water, flailing my hands in the air. Who will rescue me? Will I drown? I thought in fear. (Theme using personal thought) By now, Mary and Jane were shouting for help. “Help! Please! Someone is drowning and needs to be rescued.” (Theme using dialogue)

When I believed that all was lost, I heard a splash and a large hand lifted me out of the water. It was a passer-by who had jumped into the pond and rescued me! (Theme) Fortunately, I was shaken up but unhurt. The passer-by reminded us not to play near the edge of the pond, especially as we all could not swim.

“Don’t be careless and foolish,” he admonished us as we hung our heads in shame. He also called my mother who rushed to the park to take us home.

              There was no use crying over spilt milk. That night I reflected on what had happened. I learnt to always act cautiously. The next time I may not be lucky enough to be rescued by someone(Theme ending)

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