This year, our P3 & P4 students have been working on the SA2 Oral component since the start of Term 4. Some of our students have already been tested for their SA2 oral and fortunately, on themes that we have worked on in class on in our individual testing. This week, we will work on the themes (below) that were tested during the P4 SA1 Oral examinations.

A number of schools used the same poster and had the same theme but asked different questions.

2021 SA1 Oral theme list

Theme – Studying


Different classes such as drama & writing


  • Look at the pictures. Which class would you attend? Why?
  • Do you prefer studying in school or at home?
  • Do you prefer studying indoors or outdoors?

Theme – Family


Different activities such as watching a movie, outdoor activities, board games


  • Look at the pictures. Which activity would you do with your family and why?
  • Do you prefer playing outdoors or indoors? Why?
  • What do you usually do with your family during weekends?
  • Do you want to spend more time with your family?
  • What do you do when you spend time with your family

Theme – Activities/CCA


Different activities such as going to a museum, music class, pitching a tent


  • Which activity do you want to take part in?
  • Why do you want to take part in this activity?
  • Which CCA, not in your school, would you like to take part in?

Theme – Activities/CCA


Different activities such as soccer, running, hiking, cycling


  • Which activity would you like to take part in?
  • What is your current CCA?
  • Do you think that outdoor activities is good?

Theme – Sports


Different sports such as badminton, basketball, soccer


  • Which sport would you like to try?
  • Have you ever participated in a competition/event? Tell me about it
  • Can you tell me what values must we have when we are playing sports? Why?

Theme- Health


A bag with healthy chicken pie


  • Would you buy this pie?
  • Do you eat healthily?
  • Do you think other children will buy this pie?

Stimulus-based conversation model – theme: Chores

Here is a Stimulus-based conversation that I worked on with my P4 classes. The theme of chores and helping out is a common topic for P3 and P4 oral. Other common themes are sports, different extra-curricular activities and family.

At our centre, students are taught to use the TREES approach. This approach is also taught in schools such as in Methodist Girls Primary School and Henry Park Primary School. Having an approach helps students to organise their thoughts and ideas in a clear and consistent manner. When our students are able to use this approach automatically, they then give answers more confidently and are able to add in more details. To master the approach, students go through a step-by-step process with practice with us. As a teacher, I can see their progress from when they started training with me before their SA1 oral till now, before their SA2 oral. Those students who joined us from P3 till their PSLE year manage their oral component with ease and confidence and know that their oral component will be one that will help them in their AL Englsh score.

I hope that the above tips will help students in their upcoming SA2 Oral component.

P4 oral christmas gift illustration

Question 1: What would you buy for your mother for Christmas?


I would buy the irobot vacuum cleaner for my mother.

Reason 1 & Elaboration

 My mother usually rushes home after work to do the housework and cook. I can tell that she is tired and quite grumpy by the time dinner is ready. Having a robotic vacuum around could make her life easier.

Reason 2 & Elaboration

I won’t buy the bag as my mother has a cupboard full of bags! My father gives her a new bag every year for her birthday so she already has many different bags to choose from.

I won’t buy the bracelets as well, because my mother doesn’t wear bracelets on her wrists. She says that she finds bracelets uncomfortable and it bothers her when she types on the computer.

Personal Experience

My best friend has an iRobot at home and she says that it is very useful. You just need to switch it on and it will move around the house vacuuming up the mess. I think that’s great because my mother can do other things like cook or the laundry and most importantly relax!


I think we should always choose a meaningful gift that can be useful to the person that we are giving to. So, I think that this robotic vacuum is a great idea for a Christmas gift for my mother.

Question 2: What chores do you do at home?

Personal Experience

We do not have a domestic helper at home. We used to have one but my mother says we are too old now and we should learn to be responsible and independent.

My older sister does the laundry and I wash the dishes every evening. I have to soap the dirty dishes and wash off the soap. I have to be careful as I have broken one or two dishes recently and my mother was not too happy about that.

Aside from these chores, we all make sure that our rooms are tidy and pick up after ourselves. I do not really like to do the dishes but I do like to cook! My mother is beginning to teach me some easy recipes such as pasta and stir fried vegetables. I hope to cook our meals and maybe someone else can do the dishes!


In my opinion, children should do chores regularly even if they have a domestic helper. By doing chores, we can learn about responsibility.

Question 3: How does your family usually spend Christmas?

Personal Experience

We are Christians so every Christmas morning we will go to church for service. After spending some time with our friends in church we will return home and my mother will cook a big lunch. I love her roast turkey! It’s so delicious but she cooks it only once a year during Christmas. She says it’s too much work.

My aunts and uncles will come over for Christmas lunch and after that, we will exchange presents which are under the Christmas tree. Then, we’ll spend time together chatting and eating some more.

Christmas time is my favourite time of the year. I love putting up the Christmas tree a month before Christmas and buying Christmas presents. My younger sister still believes in Santa Claus so my parents and I will have to pretend that Santa has come the night before Christmas. I am in-charge of hiding Santa’s presents from her until Christmas! It’s a lot of fun! 


In conclusion, this is how my family and I spend Christmas. I think all festivals are a great time for family members to meet up and celebrate together.

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2024 P4 English Tuition Timetable

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