Most of my P4s and a few of my P5s are having their English Oral examination in the next two weeks. It is good to remind students that in the choice question (Q1), students should remember to give MORE than one reason on why they would go or not go to a park/ attraction/ carnival etc. The reasons should come from the information on the posters given while personal examples and experiences should be the students’ own. Don’t forget to give opinions!

English oral model about places of interest for Primary 4 students

illustration P4 English Oral Places of Interest

Question 1: Would you visit the Jurong Bird Park? (Choice)

Yes I would. There seems to be quite a lot of discounts going on for the Bird Park and the cost of the tickets are very attractive. For a family of 4, the package is just $40. This is much cheaper than other attractions such as the zoo. I think the entrance for a family of 4 to the zoo can be close to $100!

There is also a lot to see at the Jurong Bird Park. There are over 3000 birds from different parts of the world. I am an animal lover but I haven’t read up much on birds. Attending the sharing session by the world-renowned ornithologist will surely be interesting.

I also love to watch animal performances. There are always jokes and the animals in the shows are really adorable! So I’ll definitely catch the bird performances there. 

Overall, I think visiting the Bird Park is a great idea!

Question 2: What do you usually do with your family during the weekend?

Every Saturday morning, my sister and I will have tuition. My mother drops us at our tuition centres and heads off to the market. At lunch time, my parents will pick us up from the centres and we head off to lunch together. I think that’s when my weekend really starts! Saturdays are usually spent running errands or visiting family. I love going to my maternal grandmother’s house as I get to meet all my cousins there. We are all about the same age so we get along really well. We will chat and plays some games. Sometimes we head out to the field nearby to play a game of soccer.

On Sundays my family usually visits a place of interest in Singapore. Sometimes its Gardens by the Bay and sometimes we will go to the Science Centre. In the evenings, we will take a rest and I will complete all my homework.

Question 3: What is your favourite place of interest in Singapore? (Opinion)

My favourite place of interest in Singapore is the Botanic Gardens. We go there very often! My father will run in the Gardens and my mother and me will take a stroll to admire the plants and flowers. Later, we will lay out our mat on the grassy patch and listen to music or play ball games. There is a cafe nearby so if we are hungry, we can eat there before heading home.There is something very peaceful about the Botanic Gardens even if it is crowded with people. I really enjoy walking around it when I am feeling stressed about school work and it helps clear my mind.

Last year it was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the only tropical garden on the UNESCO World Heritage List so I think as a Singaporean we can feel very proud of that.

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