Recently, I posted a model for the English oral component for P5 students. Here is one for the P3s and P4s. Often, the P3s & P4s SBC poster will have a few choices. It can be a choice of books or games or sports. The first question is usually related to the poster. Using the TREES approach, students will need to give reasons for their choice. Students can also give the reasons why they would not choose the other objects/sports etc as part of their reasons after they have given the reason why they would choose an object/sport etc.

Remember to give examples to elaborate on your reasons. Give opinions and suggestions whenever possible.

All the best to the P3s and P4s sitting for their SA2 oral. I hope that the model below will give you a few ideas on how to handle your Stimulus-based conversation 🙂

P4 oral model on the theme of Mother’s day

P4 Oral: Mother’s Day model picture

Question 1: Which gift  would you buy for your mother? Why?


I would buy the $50 spa voucher for my mother

Reason 1

My mother loves to go to the spa.


She says that massages like foot massages, relax her. Last year, for my mother’s birthday, my dad planned a relaxing day at the spa for her. He dropped her off in the morning at the spa and she had 3 hours of pampering treatments. She was so relaxed and happy that she was in a good mood all week!

Reason 2 (Elimination)

I would not buy the flowers because they are quite expensive and they will die quickly. I would prefer to buy something that my mother will remember and enjoy.

Reason 3 (Elimination)

I would not buy her the restaurant voucher because we always eat out at a restaurant for mother’s day anyway. So, the restaurant voucher won’t be special to her.


In my opinion, mother’s day only comes once a year so we should take the time to show appreciation to our mothers


Therefore, I will choose to buy the spa voucher for my mother on Mother’s day.

Question 2: Tell me about a special gift that you made or bought for your mother


When I was in Primary 2, I gave my mother a painting that I had created


I love art and I have been taking art lessons since I was in K1. That year for mother’s day, I did not have enough savings to buy a gift for my mother. I then decided to make her something very special. My mother loves all my art work so I painted a landscape painting for her with the help of my art teacher. It took me 12 hours to complete it but it was worth it. When I gave my mother the painting, she gave me a big hug and told me it was the best gift she ever got.


I think that making a gift is more meaningful than simply buying one. Even though it can take a long time and requires a lot of effort to make a beautiful card or create a beautiful artwork, the person receiving the gift will appreciate it your time and effort.

Question 3: Do you think that your mom a ‘supermom’?


Yes, I do.

Reason & Experience

My mother has a very important job in an office. Yet, she is always home by dinnertime to have dinner with us. It is very rare that she is late to come home on a weekday. When she arrives home, she will even cook dinner for us! After dinner she will sit with us to help us with our homework and then tuck us in bed.

Only after we are asleep does my mother continue her work. She will also wake up early so that she can have breakfast with us before we leave for school. I know that she is tired but she never complains.

Reason 2 & Experience

My mother is also very supportive of all our activities. She will also take time off from work if we have a performance or a competition. She will always be there to support us.

Last year I had my gymnastic competition. The competition was held over 3 days and it was on a weekday. Even though my mother had many projects at work, she took time off work to watch my competition. I felt very happy and proud to have my mom there.


I think that I am very lucky to have supermom and I love her very much

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