As oral ‘season’ begins, we are hard at work revising and testing our P5 students. Our P3 and P4 classes have also been working diligently on this component.

Before the September holidays, we worked on the above theme, focusing on the choice question and how to respond. To summarise, the student should give the reason for choice, followed by an experience. Then, he/she should eliminate the other pictures not chosen and give the reasons why, along with an opinion at the end. In the last question, I added in the theme of reading and used the appropriate vocabulary such as genre, fiction, fantasy and classic books.

P4 English oral model answer: Teacher’s day

P4 Oral model picture theme Teacher's day

Question 1: Which gift  would you buy for your teacher? Why?


I would buy the bouquet of flowers for my Science teacher, Miss Tan because she has told us many times that she loves flowers! She said that flowers cheer her up when she sees their beautiful colours and smell their alluring scents.

Personal example

Once, when we had some free time, Miss Tan showed us how to make perfume from some flowers. She used roses as they are her favourite flowers. It was very interesting and one day I will re-create that experiment at home.


I would not buy the card because it is quite expensive. I would rather make a card for her on my own. I have quite a lot of art materials at home and I can create something nice for Miss Tan and write a meaningful note to her.


I don’t like the design of the mug and I think it is expensive as well. Miss Tan has a mug of her own and it has a picture of her dog on it! She got it printed on her mug so I think she would prefer to use her own mug.

Even though the bouquet of flowers is quite pricey at $30, I feel that she would appreciate it the most.


In my opinion, teachers’ day only comes once a year so I should take time and effort to choose a nice gift for my teachers.

Question 2: Tell me about your favourite teacher.


My favourite teacher is my Science teacher, Miss Tan. Miss Tan is young and has a great sense of humour. We are always laughing in class and we really enjoy her lessons. Even though she is quite humorous, she can also be very strict if we are not paying attention or do not do our homework. So I make sure that I don’t make her angry!

Personal Example

Miss Tan is also very kind and caring. A few months ago I hurt my foot during P.E lesson and I had to stay at home for a week to recover. When Miss Tan found out, she came to my home to give me my Science homework and some cookies that she baked. She also stayed for awhile and cheered me up by telling me funny stories. I felt grateful for having such a kind teacher. 

So, Miss Tan is my favourite teacher.

Question 3: Do you like to read?

Yes, I love to read! Reading is my hobby. I read mostly fiction books and my favourite genre of books is fantasy. I have just completed the Harry Potter series and my mother says that I can watch the movies during the December holidays. I am quite excited about that!

I also enjoy reading classic books such as Matilda and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. I usually go to the school library once a week but to be honest, there aren’t many books there to borrow. My school hardly brings in new books. I do go to the National Library about twice a month and there are a larger variety of books there to borrow.

Recently, my mother gave me a $20 voucher from Popular bookstore as a birthday gift. I will go to Popular after my examinations and choose a book there.

I think that reading widens your knowledge and vocabulary and is important for children. It is a good habit to read. Also, there are many genres of books to choose from, so there will always be a book out there for everyone!

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