This week marks the start of the SA2 Oral component for many P3 and P4 students. Some students excel in this English Language component while others seem to suffer through it. While the total score of 16 marks does not seem so daunting in P3 and P4, the stakes are much higher in P5 and P6.

At TF, we work on all the components with our students, oral being one of them. While most improve with consistent practice, others may take longer to do so.

1. How do we help our younger students improve in the SBC portion?

1.1 Have a technique that they can recall and use doing the SBC

Schools teach a certain oral technique to their students. These techniques are all similar but using them with consistent practice helps students, especially those who find this component a challenge.

1.2 Plan out your answers

While no time is given during an examination to plan out SBC answers, we always start off the oral training by doing ‘group oral‘. This allows students to reflect on how to use the technique that we teach them and also how to formulate suggestions and opinions. This in turn is put into practice when we begin individual oral testing.

1.3 Practice at home

Reading is 6 marks out of the total score for this component (but 10 marks for P5 & P6). With the AL scoring for PSLE, every mark counts and reading is one section that with adequate practice, can be a great help in achieving a student’s AL goal.

Practice reading passages in front of a mirror or in front of your parents. Students may also practice SBC questions on their own by reflecting on certain questions such as:

  • What is your hobby?
  • Do you like reading?
  • What is your CCA?

Teacher Evelyn designed a worksheet for the lower primary students to help them in their SBC. This worksheet is used during our Oral workshops for P3 & P4 students and our teachers distribute them out to our TF students should they need them during oral practices.

If we take question 3 from the Oral model, we can help a student think of his answers in this way.

What is your favourite celebration in school? Why?

Oral worsheet

We wish everyone all the best for their upcoming SA2 Oral and we hope that the model below on the theme of Festivals is helpful

2. Oral model on the theme of Festivals


Question 1: Look at the poster. Pick one festival that you celebrate and tell me about it.


I celebrate Chinese New Year


As I am Chinese and come from a big family, we celebrate Chinese New Year in a big way!

In most years schools are closed for at least 2 days and even more. We also have a half day off school on the eve to celebrate the Chinese New Year. On the eve of Chinese New Year, we all gather at my maternal grandmother’s house. My parents are always busy and my dad travels a lot for business so we hardly meet up with my cousins. Sometimes, I will not see them for 6 months or so. So, it is really great fun to catch up and play games. As usual, grandmother prepares a feast! She has some Peranakan background so her food always has some spice in them which I love!

On the first day of the New Year, we visit my paternal grandmother. She lives in a big bungalow and we love to play in her garden. She also has a swing and a trampoline which she bought to entertain her grandchildren. We spent the whole day there and once again, ate well!


In my opinion, the Chinese New Year period is perfect to spend time with your family members, especially your extended family. Even if you do not celebrate Chinese New Year, many families take a short trip around the region and have a relaxing family holiday.

Question 2: Aside from Chinese New Year, what other festivals do you celebrate?


We also celebrate Christmas. We are Christians and Christmas is a special time for us. We put up the Christmas tree, a week before Christmas and we always have fun decorating it! On the eve of Christmas, we will go to church for mass. On Christmas morning, we will wake up really early to open up our Christmas presents. Mum will roast a stuffed turkey and on Christmas Day our family will come over for Christmas lunch.

Of course, opening up Christmas gifts is the most fun, though as I get older, my gifts get fewer. I also love celebrating Christmas as it falls during the December school holidays. There is no school and no examinations so we can look forward to a fun time!


In conclusion, aside from celebrating Chinese New Year, my family also celebrates Christmas

Question 3: What is your favourite celebration in school? Why?


I really like our Children’s Day celebration in school

Reason 1 & Example

It is the day that we do not have to do any work at all! From the time we arrive to school until it is time to leave, we have many fun activities planned for us.

Reason 2 & Example

Aside from being the most fun day of the year in school, our teachers and principal really let down their hair and enjoy themselves with us. They will play games with us and even come up with skits on stage to make us laugh.

Reason 3 & Example

It is also the day when we receive gifts from our school and even from some teachers. The celebration will still continue at home where my parents will take us out for a meal to celebrate!


Last year, we celebrated Children’s Day in our classroom because of the pandemic. We watched the performances planned online and played some games. Even though we could not interact with students from other classes, it was still fun.


In conclusion, my favourite celebration in school is Children’s Day.

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