In the last 6 weeks of testing my P4s, I feel that many have grown out of their one sentence responses to being able to express opinions and recount personal experiences. From my experience, I have also realised that certain students who may find Paper 2 components or writing more challenging than others, actually hold very good opinions and can come up with good ideas when it comes to Oral. I always make it a point to praise them because in return their confidence grows and ‘spill’ over to the other aspects of English.

P4 stimulus-based conversation is all about confidence and being able to tackle different topics. Remember to praise your children when they express opinions and thoughts before correcting them if needed.

Wishing all the P4s sitting for their SA1 Oral, all the best!

P4 Stimulus-based Conversation model on Concerts

P4 Stimulus-based Conversation – Theme Concerts picture

Question 1: Would you attend this concert?


Yes, I would attend this concert!


I love classical music and I will surely enjoy listening to the musicians play Beethoven and Bach.


Every evening, when my mother picks me up from school, I will listen to classical music with her in the car. My love for classical music began from listening to such music in my mother’s car from a baby. My mother said that listening to classical music can help improve memory and concentration.


I play the piano and have performed pieces by Beethoven. I am not that good yet so I would like to watch those pieces being played on stage.


There was a time when I really disliked practising the piano. So my mother took me to watch a piano concert by an 8 year-old prodigy. I was very impressed with his ability to play the piano so well. Later on stage he said that he practices everyday so that he will be good. After that, I understood that it is important to practice to improve. I think this concert will motivate me to improve in my playing.

Reason & Experience:

The concert is also on a Saturday and my parents don’t work on Saturdays so they can take me to the concert. It also falls during the June holidays and I have a lot of free time during the June and December holidays.

Reason & Experience:

The tickets are also reasonably priced. I think my mother will get Category A as she loves to watch concerts up close. She says that she can see the performers playing their musical instruments better.

Question 2: Would you be interested in learning a new instrument?


Yes I would.  I think I would take up learning to play the drums!


My best friend plays the drums I think it will be a challenge to find the time to learn another musical instrument but I feel that it is worth it.

I would be happy to put in the effort to practise daily. Maybe I will have to give up time watching the television but I feel practising my musical instruments is more important.


As I said earlier, I play the piano and even though I am not that good yet, I do enjoy learning and practising it daily. I believe that music can really soothe people when they are stressed and classical music is perfect for that.

However, playing drums may not be as soothing but I feel it can also relieve stress and not everyone likes classical music. There is no good or bad music.

So, I would like to learn to play the drums next!

Question 3: Would you like to perform on stage one day?


I think I would but I have extreme stage fright!


I went on stage to perform when I was in preschool and I just froze up! Everyone was staring at me and I felt like I wanted to run off stage but my legs wouldn’t move. It was so embarrassing that I have never performed again.


However, I think I may give it a go again if it is to play a musical instrument. I am much older now and I know what to expect when I go on stage. Currently, I am still not good enough to perform with my piano but perhaps one day I will be. My two best friends and I have discussed about forming a band together and even my sister has volunteered to be a guest violinist if we need her!

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