These are 2 SBC that some of my P4 students have recently done for their SA2 Oral Examination.

SBC Theme: Difficulties

Difficulties in life? Who would you turn to?
Parents? Online Friends? Friends?

illustration for P4 Stimulus-Based Conversations Difficulties

Question 1: Who would you turn to for help? (Choice)

I would turn to my parents for help. They know me the best and of course the longest! I have very caring parents and I know that they will listen to me and guide me to make the correct choices in life. Even though my mother is quite strict, she often tells me how much she loves me and reminds me that if I ever need help, she will be there for me.

I definitely won’t turn to my online friends. In fact, I do not have any. I am only allowed to use the computer for school work and to play games during the school holidays. My parents have warned me of the dangers of making friends online.

I have good friends and I know that I can tell them my difficulties but I think we should all turn to our parents who can offer us good advice.

Question 2: What difficulties have you faced? Tell me about one. (Recount)

Recently I had a quarrel with my best friend, Nicole. She started to be friends with this girl in school I did not like. I find the girl to be quite rude. My best friend said that she is actually a nice girl and I should give her a chance to prove herself but I refused to let her join in our games during recess.

Because of that, Nicole and I stopped talking for 2 weeks and we did not play together during recess. I was very sad and so I spoke to my mother about it. She gave me good advice and told me to find a way to compromise. Nicole and I became friends again and I learnt to not be so quick to judge others.

Question 3: Is it important to have friends? (Opinion)

Yes, I think so. Friends are not just people you play with during recess. They will also comfort you when you are sad and hold your hand when you are afraid. They will stick by you even when you quarrel with them and advise you when you are wrong.

Last year I contracted chicken pox and I had to stay at home sick for two weeks. Every day, after school, my friends came to my house to give my mother my homework and also Get well cards and letters to cheer me up. I was touched by their kindness and hope to help them too one day.

Theme: Farmstay

P4 SBC Farmstay


3- Day, 2- Night Farmstay in Malaysia at $350 for a family of 4

Would you like to take a break from the city and enjoy a leisurely farmstay right next door to Singapore?
Cosy accommodations and plenty of guided activities for children!

Package includes meals and 2 kids activities per day

– Feed the ducks
– Milk the cow
– Rake the hay
– Collect eggs

illustration for P4 Stimulus-Based Conversations farmstay

Question 1: Would you go for this Farmstay? (Choice)

Yes, I would. I have never stayed on a farm before so this would be a good opportunity. A few of my friends have been on Farmstays in Australia and New Zealand and said that it is a lot of fun.

It is also in Johor which is a few hours away from Singapore so my father can drive us there. It will be cheaper than taking an aeroplane so my parents may just agree to go.

I think the package price is very reasonable as it includes accommodation, meals plus kids activities for a family of 4.

Question 2: Which two activities would you like to do first? (Choice)

I am very interested in milking the cow and collecting the eggs. I have only watched the milking of goats at the Goat Farm in Singapore when I was in preschool but I have never tried it. I am interested to see how difficult it is and is there any special technique to milking a cow.

Collecting the eggs from the hen coops will also be educational as living in a city we only see our eggs at the supermarket or on our plates! There will be guides at the farm and I have a few questions that I would like to ask them.

Question 3: Which attraction or place of interest in Singapore do you go most often with your family? (Recount)

We usually go to the Botanic Gardens. We are there nearly every Saturday evening! My father will run in the Gardens and my mother and us will take a stroll to admire the plants and flowers. Later, we will lay out our mat on the grassy patch and listen to music or play ball games. There is a cafe nearby so if we are hungry, we can eat there before heading home.

We haven’t been to the Botanic Gardens in 2 months because of the haze. I miss the place and I am waiting to go back there as soon as the haze clears!

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