Recently, I worked on an English grammar exercise with my P6s and a few of them had difficulty choosing the correct preposition of time for the word ‘sunrise’. This led me to review prepositions of time with my upper primary students. However, prepositions of time should be mastered in lower primary. So, here is a post on what are prepositions of time and why do these 2-letter prepositions (in, on, at) create such confusion?

What are prepositions of time?

Prepositions of time usually show a relationship between two words in a sentence. The three most commonly used prepositions of time are ‘in’, ‘at’ and ‘on’.

1. Preposition of time – ‘In’

‘In’ is used in more general expressions of time.

Examples with months, years, seasons and longer periods of time

I was born in 2009.
I will visit my grandmother in April.

Examples with periods of time during the day

We will leave in the morning.
I like to relax in the evenings.

Example of describing the amount of time

We will complete this in a week’s time.

Example of indicating something in the future

They are away now and will return in a few days.

P4 English Grammar – Prepositions of Time "in"

2. Preposition of time – ‘On’

‘On’ is used for more specific expressions of time.

Example with days of the week

Let’s watch a movie on Friday.

Example with dates

The English SA1 will be on 3rd May.

Example with special days (with the word day)

We will open our presents on Christmas day.

P4 English Grammar – Prepositions of Time "on"

3. Preposition of time – ‘At’

‘At’ is used for a very specific time.

Example with clock times

I will meet Mary at 10.30 am.

Example with specific times of the day or mealtimes

We sit down together as a family at dinnertime.
Mrs. Tan reads to her son at bedtime.

Examples with expressions referring to specific points in time

I will finish my PSLE at the end of October
At present, we do not have any stock of the Nintendo Switch.

preposition of time illustration 3

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