Here is one of the recent practices for English Oral that we did in class.

illustration for A Birthday Party Stimulus-Based Conversation

Would you have your birthday party at Stageworks? (Choice)

No I would not. Dancing is not my cup of tea. I would prefer a birthday party with the theme of soccer or laser tag. I do not think that my group of friends, who are all boys, will also enjoy dancing to ballet or hip hop. I could become the laughing stock of my class!
However, I think my younger sister may enjoy having her birthday party at Stageworks as she is a ballerina. The designer cupcakes could be a very good treat for her and her guests and the free gifts such as loot bags and craft seem like a good deal!

I am sure every child loves pizza so every guest should enjoy the birthday snack. The price of the package seems quite a lot though. It is for 15 people but I am not sure if I would like to invite 15 people to my birthday event. I think the older I get, the fewer number of people I want to have at my birthday. I would prefer a nice day out with a few friends.

Would you prefer to organise your own birthday party at home or hold it outside and have someone organise it for you? (Opinion)

When I was younger, I loved big fun parties with many friends so my mother would organise it outdoors or have a party planner do it. I have had my birthday at a gym and at an ice-skating rink. It was a lot of fun and there were facilitators to guide us. The goodie bags were also great. My mother prefers to have our birthday parties outside of the home as she says she does not need to prepare much and clean up afterwards. Plus, she can relax and catch up with my friend’s parents during the birthday party instead of running around!

I think I would prefer to have it at home now with just a handful of close friends. We could just watch a movie or play our favourite games on the computer. Mum can cook some of her delicious chicken pasta for lunch and make her cheesecake for dessert! One of my friends invited three of us to Universal Studios for his birthday this year. We had a great time on the park rides and attractions. There was no birthday cake or goodie bags but I think those things are for younger children.

Tell me about the best birthday party/birthday celebrations you have had. (Recount)

On my 9th birthday I wanted to have an outdoor laser tag party. I invited 10 friends and my mother paid for the laser tag facilitator to meet us at the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. It was so much of fun. We were running around shooting one another with our laser tags. At the end of the hour and a half, we were soaking with perspiration but we were having such a whale of a time, we didn’t care. Mother had prepared a large picnic basket for everyone and we sat on our mats and had our lunch. After the birthday cake, we played a game of soccer until it was time to leave.

I think my 9th birthday party was the best birthday party ever because all my friends were there and we had outdoor games and activities.

2023 P5 English tuition timetable

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Bukit TimahTHU3 pm5 pm
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