As students gear up towards the end of the year slew of exams, the first and (probably the one with the least amount of practice) they will have, will be the English Oral component. In Primary 5, this component now consists of 30 marks, a jump from 16 marks in P4. It can be a great way to add on to your total mark. On the flip side, it can also be a way to jeopardise your English target grade, especially for next year’s new PSLE marking scheme.

To prepare for this component, we test our students individually in class (during the time that they write out their compositions) and also together as a class so that they can hear other responses from their classmates. Students follow the TREES approach as a guideline. Adding in their own humour and style are welcomed!

At home, parents can help their children by getting to read up on certain themes or even testing them at home like in an examination.

To give parents a better idea on what to work on with their children, below is the list of SBC themes that the Primary 6 2020 at our centre worked on.

I usually categorise the main topics under:

  • Personal/Responsibility & Family
  • Charity
  • Environment
  • School
  • Community
  • Health (Food)

The questions and themes are taken from past year’s SA1 and Preliminary Oral examinations from my students’ different schools.

Below is the list of themes that I worked on with my PSLE 2020 students throughout the year to prepare them for their PSLE Oral. We were lucky this year as the theme of performance appeared on Day 2 of the PSLE oral examination.

The oral posters and questions I create change year by year to mirror new content and current events.

I hope that the list can guide parents who are helping their P5 students at home with this component.

2020 List of 27 SBC Themes categorised by topic


1. Gadget Addiction

2. Cyber Bullying


3. Lost & Found


4. Public Transport


5. Free Pet Shop

Personal & Family

6. Children’s carnival

7. Birthday Parties

Personal & Family

8. Newspapers

9. Occupations



11. Outdoor movie night

12. Community Club

13. Celebrations

14. Singapore

15. Covid-19


16. Camps

17. Annual Sports Day

18. Classroom


19. Recycling

20. Water conservation


21. Book Donation

22. Volunteering

23. Charity Event


24. Healthy cookies

25. Supplements and vitamins

Poster analysis

26. Dengue

27. Dance

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