The SA1 oral testing is about to begin in some schools. I will be posting some of the other oral themes I have been working on with my students. So, stay tuned!  The oral below has more opinion questions (Q1 & 3) instead of choice questions simply because we had done a number of oral themes with choice questions prior to this. I have to say for Q3, It made me realise that while they may still be ‘just’ children, they are beginning to form strong opinions about they see around them. Q2 is a recount question and requires details such as how much is given, what do they do with their savings at the end of the month, even their opinion on if their allowance receive is too much or too little.

P5 & P6 English Saving Oral model Illustration:

illustration for P5 and P6 English Saving Oral model

Question 1: Do you think saving is important? 

Yes I do. Saving money is a habit we should start from young. My parents always tell me that it is a good habit. They allow me to use my savings to buy what I want. When I was younger, I used to spend my money frivolously. Then I would regret it when I see something that I really wanted. I have learnt to think carefully before using my savings.We should also save for a rainy day as life is unexpected and we or my family may need the money. Later on in life if we save well we can use our savings for school activities such as going on a school overseas trip.Another reason to save is so that we can invest in property or shares or in our education when we grow up. I would like to study to a university in the United States and experience life abroad. 

Question 2: How much do you save weekly/monthly and what do you do with your savings?

Every week my parents give me an allowance. It’s a modest allowance of $5 but I still manage to save at least $2 from it. I will use only enough to buy my food during recess and not to buy unnecessary stationery. After Chinese New Year I will put all the money from my red packets into the bank. Now I am too old for toys so on my birthday when someone asks me what gift I want, I will ask for money.I use my savings to buy things that I really really want. For example, recently I bought a _____________ as it is part of my hobby.I will get a present for my mum and dad with my savings for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. My parents feel it is important to be compassionate so once a year I will use some of my savings and donate it to the charity of my choice, which is the SPCA as I love animals! Do you think that children in Singapore spend their money wisely?Yes and no. Parents should educate their children on the value of money and teach them how to save carefully before they can buy what they want. This is what we do at home. At the same time, I have friends who buy the latest mobile phones and electronic devices whenever they want! I don’t feel envious because they don’t seem to value what they have at all. I prefer to save my money and then buy it, even if it isn’t the latest item, it gives me a sense of achievement.

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