The P5 English Oral and Writing SA2 components have begun. This is one of the topics tested to one of my P5 students. The theme was on an Art Competition and these were the questions asked. I have come up with my own poster and given the Model answer in Q1 like how my students are taught to answer Oral questions.

P5 English Oral model on the theme of a Competition

illustration for P5 English Oral model A Competition

Question 1: Would you enter this competition?


Yes, I would enter this competition. I am not very good at art but the themes and prizes appeal to me.

Personal Experience:

I used to take Art lessons once a week from when I was in Primary two to four. I loved the lessons  though I wasn’t all that good at art. I finally stopped art this year because I have too many activities and my mother asked me to choose what I really want to do. So, I chose dance. I have learnt sketching and painting at my art classes and I am willing to put those in practice during this competition.


I think that this is a great opportunity to experience something new during the competition and also to see how well I fare against others


I also really like the themes they have given as well, especially the one on Our Oceans Are Under Attack.

Personal Experience:

Recently, I read an interesting article about pollution in our oceans and how it is affecting the sea animals. There were photos in the article showing all the thrash in the ocean and how this has caused sea animals to suffocate on them or mistake these thrash for food and eat them, causing them to be ill and die.


I felt very sad and angry when I read that article because we need to take care of our own planet and stop destroying it! I would like to express my feelings in my painting in Category B.


The competition also falls during the December holidays and I will most definitely be free.

Personal Experience (PE): 

All my classes stop at the end of November and we only go on holiday during the Christmas period, so for almost three weeks I will be bored at home when my parents are at work.


I think it’s important to occupy ourselves fruitfully during the school holidays instead of using our electronic devices all day long. Participating in courses or even competitions can be fun.


The last reason for wanting to participate in this competition is because the prizes are very attractive, even if we get third place.

Personal Experience: 

There are many things I can do with that prize money! I have been saving up to buy a new bicycle as mine is old and rusty now. I also need new skates. So if I won any of those prizes, it would really contribute to my savings!

Question 2: Have you ever entered a competition?


Yes, I have. My dance school entered us in a dance competition this June holidays. It was a group dance on Lyrical Jazz and there were 8 girls in the group. The competition was opened to all dance schools in Singapore and there were almost 50 dance groups on the first day! We made it into the semi-finals for Day 2 and we were very happy. There were only 12 groups on Day 2. We really felt that all our hard work had paid off as we had spent almost every weekend for 2 months, rehearsing. Sadly, we didn’t make it into the Finals on Day 3 but I was very happy that I had experienced entering in a group dance competition.

Question 3: What did you learn from this experience?

I learnt that teamwork is essential when it comes to a group entering a competition. During our rehearsals we quarreled a lot as a group. We argued about the smallest and silliest of things! We hardly got anything done at first. Our teacher finally stepped in and reminded us on the importance of team work and after that we tried our best to work together as a group.

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