Many students will be having their SA1 Oral this week and the next two weeks. Today I will post three SBC that I did with my P4-P6 students during our oral testing revision over the past 6 weeks.

Wishing everyone all the best for the SA1 Oral.

Look up, maintain eye contact and be confident! You can do it!

P5 Stimulus-Based Conversation Theme Responsible park user

Question 1: Do you agree with the ways to be a responsible park user?

Yes, I totally agree with the ways to be a responsible park user. Not all parks in Singapore have wild animals but I have heard that MacRitchie reservoir park has monkeys that live in the surrounding forests. Some people think that monkeys are cute and feed them or they tease them. My mom told me never to do this as they are wild animals and can turn aggressive and injure us.

I have also heard that many people did not provide the correct type of food for the turtles and fishes at the Botanic Gardens and many of the animals became sick and died.

I think that is very irresponsible. We should take care of the animals that live in the park or its surrounding areas and follow the guidelines given when we use the park.

We should also use the bins provided to throw our thrash away. I have seen many people littering after their picnics without a care in the world! Their litter will attract pests and this will not allow other park users to sit in the same area because of ants or flies. We should always keep our thrash with us until we can find a dustbin nearby.

As for keeping to the right path, certain parks allow cyclists on one path and pedestrians on another path. To ensure safety, we should always walk on the right path if indicated.

So, yes, I do agree with the ways to be a responsible park user.

Question 2: Do you and your family visit the parks in Singapore often?

We used to visit the parks often when my brother and I were younger. We used to go to the small park near our house almost every evening with our mother and on weekends we would visit the bigger parks like Botanic Gardens and MacRitchie Reservoir Park.

On weekday evenings, my mother would bring us to the park just a stone’s throw away from our block of flats. There, we would play tag with our neighbours or come up with imaginary games like pirates or monsters.

On weekends we would sometimes have a picnic in the mornings at the Botanic Gardens or take the long Treetop walk as a family.

However, it has been awhile since we have done that. Now our weekends are filled with tuition classes or homework. Weekdays are the same. If I have some free time, I would prefer to relax and read a book or play a game on my X-box.

Mom says that we should try to spend more time walking outdoors as being in nature will help us relieve stress. I think that she is right and after my PSLE we will resume our weekend activities visiting the parks in Singapore.

Question 3: If you could improve something in the park, what would you change?

I think that we have great parks in Singapore. Not many cities have the luxury of big spaces with a lot of trees and greenery.

However, Singapore can get very hot during the afternoons and no one can use the park then. It would be good to have more shaded or covered spaces with some cool air that allow people to have a respite from the heat. I also think that every park should have a playground for children to climb and play. In this way, parents can sit and relax and children can have fun at the play.

I also prefer the new park designs. There are more lakes or ponds and park connectors so we can take longer walks and more time to explore the parks.

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