As the P5 students in Thinking Factory continue on their oral practice, many of them have come to realise that unlike in P4, when the total was out of 16 marks, getting a good score in P5, which is now out of 30 marks, isn’t as plain sailing.

Reasons need to be given, as well as recounting personal examples or experiences and displaying personal opinions. Analysis of texts, posters and ideas can sometimes throw them off. Plus, not only is what they say important, but how they say it can also add or subtract marks. Sitting up neatly but comfortably, smiling while talking, looking animated and maintaining eye contact with the examiner, are all plus points.

However, with adequate practice, students develop confidence to face whatever questions are thrown to them.

You too can do some practice at home. Below is the list of my 2018 P5 students SA1 oral themes. All the best to those sitting for their SA1 Oral component!

Primary 5 SA1 2018 list of Stimulus-Based Conversation themes

1. Pei Hwa


Science Centre/Gardens by the Bay/Sentosa/Bird Park


Which place would you like to visit?

Have you ever been to one of these places? Tell me about it

What activities do you do to bond with your family?

2. Pei Hwa Day 2


PE Sports

Swimming / table tennis / soccer / basketball


Which is your favourite sport

Other than exercise, how do you stay healthy

3. Nan Hua Primary

Picture :

Being a good neighbour programme

Examples of how to be a good neighbour


Would you like to participate in this programme?

Have you done any of these kind acts?

Tell me about a time a neighbour helped you

4. Bukit Timah Primary


 Art workshop

Turning thrash into art – making cans into sculptures & using magazines to make collages


Would you participate in this workshop?

Would you recommend this workshop to a friend?

5. St Margarets’s Pri


Being a responsible park user : Do not feed the wild animals / throw rubbish into bins / keep to the right path


Do you think that the rules above are correct?

If you could improve something in the park, what would you change?

6. Nanyang Primary


Food drive for the needy

Would you donate food to the needy?

Have you done a food drive in school before?

Why should you help the needy?

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