Some of my P5 students from different schools have completed their SA2 oral. Their themes were somewhat similar so I have decided to do 2 SBCs on the theme of Health & Chores to help those who have yet to complete their oral examinations.

Oral Theme 1: Fish Essence

Oral Theme 1: Fish Essence illustration

Helps regulate body system, natural and no preservative added, replenish essential nutrients for healthy body.

Benefits & function

– Contains important minerals, amino acids and essential elements.
– Boost energy and relieve physical and mental fatigue.
– Relieve tension and helps to prevent occurrence of low blood pressure.
– Promotes the secretion of hormones and insulin which can prevent diabetes and visual disorders.
– Stimulate hair growth, promote brain development and vitality improvement.
– Provide essential nutrients for muscle building and bones strengthening.
– Fish protein aids in reduce cholesterol and blood vessel cleaning.
– Enhance metabolism and immune system.

Question 1: Would you buy this box of fish essence?

No, I would not but my mother certainly would! I really dislike the taste of fish essence, it’s just horrendous! Every time I am forced to drink it, I will have to keep my favourite candy nearby to pop it into my mouth. My mother is a believer that fish essence is good for the body, especially when it comes to enhancing immunity. She started giving me fish essence during a period when I was falling ill almost every week. It is also supposed to boost energy and reduce mental fatigue which is why I have to take the essence during my examination period.

While I am not a fan of the taste, I do think that fish essence works. I did fall sick less often when I started taking the essence once a week and generally, I do not feel tired during my examination period even though I am studying late into the night.
Looking at the other benefits, I think that the essence is also good for the older generation who may have diseases such as high or low blood pressure and diabetes. It can also strengthen bones and build muscles which is important as adults age.

Question 2: How do you stay healthy?

Aside from taking the fish essence twice a month if it isn’t the examination period, I exercise a few times a week. I am an athletic person who enjoys sports so playing a game of soccer or running with my father during the weekends are forms of relaxation for me. I also have a balanced diet, making sure not to eat too much sugar and fatty foods. My mother cooks everyday and she is an excellent cook! She whips up fantastically delicious, healthy dishes for our meals every day.

I think sleep is another important factor. As students, we have so much of homework and activities sometimes, we forget the time and go to bed almost at midnight! Because we have to be up at 6am during school days, our bodies have lack of sleep and we fail to concentrate in school.
I think it is important to prioritise what is important every day. I have a friend who is addicted to her telephone. As soon as school is over, she plays games, chats with online friends and watches videos on Youtube, for hours on end. Sometimes, she even forgets to eat! She looks so tired in school every morning as she can’t seem to put her phone down to go to sleep. Lately, her grades have been getting worse and Mrs Tan, my form teacher has asked to see her parents.

Question 1: What is your CCA?

My CCA is netball. I joined this CCA when I was in Primary 4 and it is on every Wednesday afternoon for 2hours. I love playing netball. I like the team spirit and team work involved. Everyone in the team has to put in effort to win a game and we feel wonderful when we win.

When we lose, we remember not to blame others and support and encourage one another. Our coach is also very encouraging and reminds us that it is not if we win or lose a game but how well we play it.

Oral theme 2: Chores

Tired of doing the housework? Meet Milly!

Oral Theme on chores illustration

Milly can vacuum, mop, dust and even do the dishes! At just $500 with a lifetime guarantee, this robot can make your housework a breeze. Come visit Robots R Us for a demonstration today!

Question 1: Would you buy this robot? (Choice)

Yes, I would! I really dislike doing housework and having Milly around would be great! She can vacuum, mop, dust and even do the dishes. I usually have to wash all the dirty plates after dinner so if Milly can do the dishes for me, I can relax in front of the television after dinner.

I also think that it would be a really practical gift for my mother as both my parents work. My mother usually rushes home after work to do the housework and cook. I can tell that she is tired and quite grumpy by the time dinner is ready. Having Milly around could make her life easier.

$500 isn’t a lot considering that there are vacuum cleaners such as the IRobot that can cost almost $1000 and those can only vacuum, not dust or mop. Plus Milly the robot has a lifetime guarantee so whenever she breaks down we can bring her back to the shop to get repaired.

Question 2: What chores do you do at home? (Recount)

We do not have a domestic helper at home. We used to have one but my mother says we are too old now and we should learn to be responsible and independent. My older sister does the laundry and I wash the dishes every evening. We all make sure that our rooms are tidy and pick up after ourselves.

I do not like to do the dishes but I do like to cook! Mother is beginning to teach me some easy recipes such as pasta and stir frying vegetables. I hope to cook our meals daily and maybe someone else can do the dishes!

Question 3: How can you help the environment? (Opinion)

I think it is important to recycle. At home, we put all out newspapers, papers, tin cans and plastic bottles in different bags for recycling. The last person to finish drinking from the can or the plastic bottle has to wash it and recycle it. We also reuse paper and sometimes make craft out of them. We should learn to reduce our waste as there are limited resources on Earth and we need to keep those resources for further generations.

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