As the SA2 examinations approach for my P5 classes, we have been hard at work for the first component on the list: the English Oral component.

We have been preparing for this component in my classes by the following ways: preparing and discussing a list of common questions, having group SBC and individual testing.

1) Preparing and discussing a list of common questions I gave them.

These questions are divided up into 4 different categories, mainly : Personal, Community, Health and School.
I feel that there are certain common questions that appear in different themes. Knowing what these are and having prepared them, may enable the student to be more confident on the day of the examination.

2) Having group SBC practices 

The students can take 10 minutes to plan out their answers for different themes using the TREES approach before sharing their ideas.

This method I feel is very good for those who have difficulties during the SBC portion. The student will have the time to plan out his or her ideas systematically using the TREES approach and listen to what his or her peers have planned out, which will help him or her to understand the expected length and details during the conversation. I have had students improve their style of conversation drastically just after a few group orals in class

3) Having individual testing with feedback and marks.

This is essential in pointing out strengths and weaknesses of each of them and work on these regularly. Every child is different. The eloquent speaker may have few facts and go off point from the question. The ‘good content’ student may have no facial expression and fidgets constantly when conversing. By individually testing each child I am able to tell them what to improve on.

Now, for those testing their own children at home and need some ideas for themes, here is the list of my P6 students’ Preliminary Oral. Unfortunately, I am unable to create every one of these themes but I still hope this helps!

4) 2017 List of Prelim English Oral

CHIJ St Nicholas Preliminary Questions 2017

Picture: Healthy Lifestyle

Would you attend this event?
How do you keep healthy besides eating healthily?

NYPS Preliminary Questions 2017

Picture: Personal Hygiene

Would you like to attend this hygiene workshop?
What housework do you do at home?
Do have good personal hygiene?

Bedemeer Primary School Preliminary Questions 2017

Picture: Free Health Checkup

Would you go for this health workshop?
Do you think that the workshop being free of charge would attract more people?
Do you think that a healthy diet would make a person more healthy?
What do you think that your local Community Club should do to discourage children from playing on their phones and encourage them to exercise?

Henry Park Primary School Preliminary Questions 2017

Picture: Community Club (rollerblading or painting)

Would you join any of these activities?
Which holiday programme would you go to during the June holidays?
“Learning never stops”. Do you agree with this statement?

Pei Hwa Primary School Preliminary Questions 2017

Picture: The all in one gadget

Would you like to buy this all on one gadget?
Do you spend a lot of time on your electronic devices?
How can you help a friend who is addicted to computer games?

Chongfu Primary Preliminary Questions 2017 (& several other schools)

Picture: Resident Corner (playing chess with others, chatting with neighbours, karaoke)

Would you want to come down to this resident corner? Why or why not?
How do you spend time with your neighbours?
How do we become a good neighbour?
What do you do during your free time?
What would you do if your neighbours have conflicts?
Why is it important to know your neighbours?
How can we be considerate to our neighbours?
What can Community Clubs do to maintain your relationship with your neigbours?

Radin Mas Primary Preliminary Questions 2017

Picture: Cleaning up neighbourhood

Would you take part in this activity to clean up the neighbourhood?
How do you clean up the neighbourhood?

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