The SA2 oral component has started for a number of schools. Most begin from next week and one of my students had hers last week which was on the theme of toys for question 1 and question 2 & 3 were unrelated to the the poster. They were personal questions. These type of questions are common for the P5 and P6 oral component.

At Thinking Factory, students use the TREES approach to help them answer questions.

The model answers to the questions below are examples of how we use the TREES approach to answer questions.

I hope that this practice will be useful to P5 students sitting for their first Oral examination this year 🙂

P5 Oral model answer on the theme of toys

Primary 5 English SA2 Oral model: Toys

Question 1: Which toy would you buy and why?


I would choose to buy the mystery board game set

Reason 1

I am too old to want a new doll and I have no interest in playing with dolls anymore. I used to own a remote control car and recently donated that to charity as I lost interest in playing with it a year ago

Reason 2

I love playing board games such as Monopoly and Sushi Go. I find playing board games very relaxing and it keeps my mind off homework and school stress.


I am quite competitive so my complete focus is on the game and usually I am usually laughing for the hour that I play the game. I also own many board games and even different editions of games. I am curious to know what the mystery board game is and would love to own a new game!

Reason 3

My family shares the same interest as me. My parents and older sister love board games too!


My parents work all week and they are usually home only around 8pm. By then, my sister and I are busy with homework and  getting ready for bed so we hardly have any time to catch up with our parents. On weekends, my sister and I have tuition classes and activities. Evening time is when we will have dinner as a family and then play a board game together. This is the best time for all of us as a family! We always have so much of fun! So, I think if I get the mystery board game, my family will be excited to play a new game and discover the rules as a family.


In my opinion, toys and games are a great way for children to put aside their electronic devices and spend time using their imagination and creativity. Playing board games can also be a great way to spend quality time with your family members.

Question 2: Would you rather spend time alone or with others?


I would rather spend time with others!

Reason 1

As I said previously, my family members and I lead busy lives so spending quality time together makes me happy!


 My parents are busy working and my sister, who is now in Secondary school, is busier than she was before. I used to spend a lot of time with my sister. Even though we quarrelled often, I still enjoyed playing games with her or even chatting. Now, we quarrel less and we value our time together, catching up, baking together or playing  games on the X-box.

Reason 2

I also enjoy spending time with my friends.


In school, we are busy studying and recess time is too short! During every school holiday, my friends and I will plan to watch a movie together. However, due to the Covid-19 situation, we don’t go to the cinema anymore. We will organise play dates at each other’s homes to bake together or do an art and craft project.


In my opinion, spending my time with friends and family is more worthwhile than spending time by myself. As I get older, I want to cherish the moments I have with my family members and close friends.

Question 3: What do you do during your leisure time?


During weekdays, I am very busy so my leisure time is during the weekends. I have a few hobbies such as reading, playing board games and cycling.

Reason & Example

For the past few months, my favourite activity is cycling outdoors. After homework and revision work at home, I will hop on my bicycle and cycle around my neighbourhood. I have a large park near my home called Bishan Park and I love to cycle around the park, listening to the birds chirping and feeling the cool wind on my face. I adore the silence when the park is quiet and no one is around but I also enjoy watching families having their picnics or children rollerblading.

Reason & Example 2

I think that cycling is a great way to spend my valuable free time. I get to exercise, as well as, socialise with the people living in my neighbourhood. I have a few friends who live in my area and sometimes we will cycle around together. I read an article that said that high rates of activity in children have been associated with high test scores! So staying active actually helps me become more intelligent.


In my opinion, I think that children in Singapore have too much homework and we spend too much time on academic achievements. I know that it is important to study hard but I think Singaporean children have too little leisure time. We should find ways to de-stress and talk to others around us especially when we are undergoing a stressful situation. For me, cycling is what I enjoy doing the most.

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