Here is a Stimulus-based conversation model on the theme of Performances for Primary 5 students in Singapore. This is one of the many themes that we cover at the centre with our weekly lessons.

Stimulus-Based Conversation Theme on Performances

Q1: Would you be interested in watching this performance? (Choice)

Yes I would watch this performance. I have always loved classical music since I was young. I grew up listening to it! My mother would put it on many times a day when I was a baby to soothe me. I guess it worked because now I listen to it when I am feeling overwhelmed with school work.
The performances are over the weekend with a few different timings so we can choose which one is good for us.
Even though the tickets are expensive, the orchestra is famous, so I am sure the performances will be great!


No, I would not watch this performance. While I like listening to music, classical music is not my cup of tea. I much prefer pop or hip hop, something that I can dance to! I would probably sleep through this performance and the tickets are exorbitant! The cheapest ticket is $100!

However, I know that my cousin who plays classical piano will love this. I think that she will be willing to pay for the tickets to watch the famous orchestra perform. The performances are also over the weekend with different timings so she can choose a timing that is good for her.

Q2: Have you watched a performance before? (Recount)

Yes I have. Last November my school organized a Talent Night in the school hall. Pupils were invited to showcase their talents during that night. They could sing, dance or even juggle! I didn’t audition for Talent Night because we were moving to a new home and I could not afford the time.

However, my best friend did. She sang a song from The Frozen movie and she made it through the audition round. She practised every day before the Talent Night and I was always her practice audience. I got quite sick of that song before the performance night but I was there in the front row cheering for her! She won second place. I was delighted for her. She received a $50 Popular book voucher and she bought me a little gift from it.

Q3: Have you ever taken part in a performance and what did you learn from it? (Recount & Opinion)

Yes I have taken part in a performance. It was our school’s Teacher’s Day performance. My class put up a song and dance act. We dedicated the performance to our wonderful teacher, Mrs Lee. We stayed back every day after school for two whole weeks and memorized the lyrics to the song and the dance moves. Luckily, I am quite a good dancer so I perfected the dance moves quickly but it took me forever and a day to learn those lyrics! I think in the end we did really well because our teacher cried after our performance!

I learnt that hard work pays off. We practised our socks off and preserved even when we were tired after a long day of school. I also learnt how to work well with different people with different skills. Some were good dancers who struggled with the singing and others were good singers who found the dancing difficult. Overall, it was a very good experience and I would like to perform every year.

Question 1 is a choice question and the student is required to use the information in the flyer and weave it in a conversation form. The student can give a positive or negative answer but must be able to back up her choice with the information in the flyer

Question 2. Listen to the question carefully. It requires the student to recount a performance she has WATCHED and not been in.

Question 3 For both Q2 & Q3, give a good recount like when and why, who was involved, what was the outcome.

Give personal examples when you can.

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