So, after a 3-week hiatus from the writing component due to the CA1, we are now in full swing, practising writing and oral for the SA1. Two weeks ago I eased the class back into the oral component by working on a group oral. Group orals in my class basically consist of planning out the answers to the 3 questions related to a picture and a theme. Group orals are targeted more towards students who have joined my classes this year but are also good for my other, more experienced students to revise what is required of them.

They have 10 mins to plan out their answers before they answer the questions aloud in the class. Before planning, I give them pointers on how they should answer the questions and also give them some techniques. For example, I usually use the TREES method – Thought, Reasons, Examples, Experiences, Suggestions. A more simplified version that I use is Reasons, Personal Examples, Opinions. Such techniques are great for students who are not confident in Oral and need some techniques to organise their thought patterns. These techniques are also used in schools.

The students, who have been with me for a year or more, tend not to use these methods when planning as they have become more confident in knowing how to handle a variety of questions. The areas that I encourage them to work on are keeping abreast of current events so that they can use them during their SBC, smiling and being more animated when they talk and expanding their vocabulary by using more precise words related to the theme of the SBC.

This week, I have/will test them individually with both the Reading and SBC components. There will be no time to plan their answers aside from the 5 minutes given to look over their reading passages and picture. Marks will be awarded, just like in the oral examinations plus feedback given both written and orally.

For the Primary 5s, this will be a jump from their usual 15 or 16 marks to 30. Now, it isn’t that easy to score!

Example of an oral using the TREES approach.

Example of an oral on the theme of health using the TREES approach.

Question 1: Would you go for this workshop? 


Yes, I would love to go for this workshop!

Reason 1:

My family and I are very interested in organic produce after reading a very interesting article on how much pesticides are used on vegetables.


My mother orders organic vegetables from an organic farm in Singapore which is delivered to us once a week. The vegetables are always delicious when mom cooks them. We also eat certain vegetables like tomatoes and salad raw so having them organic is good.

Reason 2:

However, we can’t always buy and eat organic vegetables. So the demonstration on how to remove pesticide on our conventional vegetables will be useful and interesting for me. The programme also states that they will discuss the most up-to-date information and solutions on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I think that is a great way to learn more about organic and  conventional food.

Reason 3:

The workshop is on a Sunday so I believe my mother would definitely want to join in the workshop with me. Furthermore the workshop is free which is great!!


I think the workshop could be even better if they had a cooking demonstration. I would love to learn some new recipes on how to cook organic vegetables.

Question 2: Do you think that the workshop will attract more people because it is free? 


I think it doesn’t matter if a workshop is free if the topic isn’t interesting to the person.


I think I would have paid a fee for this workshop if I had to as this topic interests me and my family very much. However, if it had been something I was not interested in, I would want to attend it. 


My best friend loves Lego. He spends all his free time on building his Lego models or reading about Lego. I don’t really like Lego but instead am more interested in cooking. Recently, he was given two tickets to a Lego workshop and wanted me to attend it as well. Even though I did not have to pay for the ticket I did not want to attend the workshop. Sitting through something I had no interest in for 3h was not appealing. Luckily my best friend understood and wasn’t angry! 

Question 3: Tell me about your favourite outdoor/indoor activity


I love playing netball. 

Reason 2:

I like the team spirit and team work involved. Everyone in the team has to put in effort to win a game and we feel wonderful when we win. When we lose, we remember not to blame others and support and encourage one another. 


However, my favourite outdoor activity is cycling on the beach with my family!

Reason 2 and experiences:

Both my parents work and are only home around 7pm on weekdays. We do spend time together on weekends but most of the time my sister and I have so many activities on Saturday that the time feels so short. Once a month, we go to the East Coast beach and we rent bicycles to cycle around. It is so relaxing and fun! After, we will have a barbecue or a picnic by the beach. It is the best time of the month for me and I always feel so safe and peaceful after.

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