At Thinking Factory, our students are given a model composition for every composition that they write. All our P5 model compositions, in the classroom and on our website, are taken from our own students. While certain grammatical mistakes are corrected before it is typed out and distributed or posted online, the plot, ideas, characters, and emotions are all from the student.

Model compositions are not given out so that a student can memorise word for word in the hope that he or she will have the same theme for their upcoming tests. Neither is it for a student to copy out word for word.

1. Why is it important to have a model composition for every composition theme and how can students make the most out of them?

Here are 2 ways.

1.1 Analyse & compare your composition with a chosen model

While every student has their own unique way of writing, it does not hurt to study another student’s style of writing. Certain students feature characterisation largely in their stories, others blend the theme seamlessly in their plot, while others use excellent figurative language.

By analysing each model composition’s strength, a student can understand in which areas he or she can improve on in their writing pieces. They may also realise that there are certain phrases used in the model that appeals to them and be motivated to use them for their next composition.

1.2 A Collection of ideas

My students who share their compositions as models know that they will either be published on the blog or printed out for all the classes at their level. They understand that their ideas will be read and perhaps re-used in some way by another student. They also understand that knowledge should be shared and like all writers, their stories may inspire another student to write something else.

My students have taken some parts of the plot on Being Grateful from one student and reworked it into A Special Gift. They have used the description of a thief to describe a bully and used the setting of a night market in Being Lost to create a setting for A Time You Were Afraid.

In Term 1 of every year, model compositions are taken from students from previous years. However, from the start of Term 2, the teachers and I start to look for model compositions in the classes we teach. We want to instill in the students a sense of pride in their writing when their composition is chosen as the model for the week. It always pleases me when we find more than one composition as a potential model as it shows that our students are progressing well.

I feel the same when I hear from parents or my own students that their compositions or Situational Writing pieces are chosen as models in their schools. This is especially important now that P5 students are not tested on all the components in their mid-year examinations. On top of that, many P5 students are not given marks for their writing pieces. Having a student’s composition or Situational Writing piece singled out in class in their schools is a great confidence booster and a form of motivation for the student.

Below is one of my P5 student’s school composition. It was chosen as the model for her class. Congratulations to her!!

2. P5 model composition: Overcoming a Fear

Note to students

The model compositions in this blog are to help students generate ideas and to be used as a guide. Students are not allowed to copy the model compositions and then pass them off as their own work, especially in school. It is called plagiarism.

“Truth or dare?” John asked me. I answered, truth.

John let out a wicked laugh and smirked, “Ok! Dare!”

My friends burst out laughing after John had finished his sentence and they saw the stunned expression on my face.

       It was Halloween. It was my most hated event of the year as I hated the feeling of being afraid. My friends took the opportunity every Halloween to find some way to frighten me. Ever since young, I was a timid person who was easily spooked, and everyone knew that. My friends told me that the dare was to walk into the big, scary abandoned mansion in the middle of the Creepy Willow Forest. Before I could protest, my friends shoved me out of the front door.

“Come on! Just go! If you don’t do it, I won’t be your best friend any longer,” John said.

        John was my only good friend in school and I did not want to lose him or let him down. With trembling legs, I walked into the dark forest. I gulped down the lump that had risen in my throat. I broke out into a cold sweat and felt shivers run down my spine. My hands turned clammy. Will I be able to be free of this terrifying place? I thought fearfully.

I stopped in my tracks when I heard an owl hoot, my blood ran cold. The cool wind swept across, lifting the dead autumn leaves in a swirl. The tall trees stood over me, giving off a creepy aura. Gulping, I walked as fast as I could towards the abandoned mansion.

          Finally, I had arrived. Warily, I walked up to the doorstep. The old wooden floorboards creaked loudly against the silence and ominous darkness. I took a peek through the window and saw nothing peculiar. It was silent and dark inside the house. I opened the door and tiptoed inside. Cobwebs filled every corner of the room. It was just an old, abandoned house. I began to relax. As I turned around to leave, I saw a white figure at the corner of the room. It was floating above the ground. My face turned as white as a sheet before I let out a bloodcurdling scream.

Without hesitation, I dashed out of the house. I looked back and saw the figure tailing behind me. By then, my heart was about to jump out of my chest. Suddenly, I heard loud laughter. I turned around to see my friends tumbling on the ground with laughter.

“It was just a prank! There isn’t any ghost. We put a white sheet over a drone,” explained John, still unable to stop laughing.

I fell to the ground in relief. I breathed slowly again. It was all a prank! However, the fear was now replaced with anger.

Standing up, I shouted at them, “What you did was not funny!”

With that, I stomped back home, ready to find new friends in school.

After that encounter with my fear, I learnt an important lesson. I decided to be less timid and face my fears head on. I also learnt that true friends would help you overcome your fears and not belittle you.

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