How do we incorporate the ‘new normal’ in our compositions and oral? This is what I have been working on with my PSLE students this year. Life in 2020 has changed, including school life. These changes are important ones that can be reflected in their writing and Stimulus-based conversations. Words such as ‘pandemic’ and ‘socially responsible’ are used commonly nowadays.

One of my Primary 5 students, Samuel, had his school’s Composition Weighted Assessment (WA) a few weeks back. The theme was on Being Responsible.

He scored 32/40 and upon reading his composition I was pleased to see how well he had weaved in the current situation facing the world, in his story. He also remembered what I have often reminded my students, which is to use the theme of the compo a few times in his story. Great job Samuel!!

P5 WA compo model on ‘Being Responsible’

Note to students

The model compositions in this blog are to help students generate ideas and to be used as a guide. Students are not allowed to copy the model compositions and then pass them off as their own work, especially in school. It is called plagiarism.

Ring.. went the bell. I sighed in relief and made my way to the canteen. I was very hungry and my parents had given me an extra two dollars to spend. I started queuing up for the food. The stall I was queuing up for was a newly-opened stall. It was serving Italian cuisine and was already gaining popularity. When I finished getting my food, I made my way back to my seat.

              After washing my hands and removing my mask, I started eating the delicious pizza I had ordered. I made sure that I did not talk when I was eating and did not sit on the red cross. The principal had made it very clear that we were not allowed to talk or visit other tables while eating food. When I was just about to finish my food, I noticed that there were two boys queuing in front of the chicken rice stall. They were both standing in the same box talking and to make matters worse, they had their masks off.  

              I wondered if I should not bother with them or if I should be responsible and remind them to wear their masks and queue up according to the safe distancing rules. I doubted whether I should stop them as they were infamous for making anyone who stood in their path get beaten up. Their names were Dylan and Derrick. They usually wore tank tops and ripped jeans. They were stout and muscular and even some teachers were afraid of them. Then, I noticed that there were drops of spit coming out of their mouths while they were talking. This was not socially responsible.

              I knew that I had to stop them. My brain was saying ‘no’ but before I knew it, my legs were propelling me forward towards them.

“Yes, kid? What do you want?” Derrick said. My knees turned to jelly and my palms were clammy.

“Queue up properly, “ I said.

Derrick growled, “ We don’t want to hurt you but we will if you force us to.”

I gulped loudly and told them that what they were doing was dangerous. Just then, the discipline master walked up to me and sternly asked what was happening. I told him that they were not queuing properly and talking without masks. Mr. Tan then shouted in his usual voice to follow him to his office. After they were reprimanded, Mr. Tan commended me for being responsible and standing up to them.

              I felt proud of myself for being responsible and stopping them from flouting the rules. We should not be afraid to remind others to be socially responsible as well.

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