This week marks the P5 Oral and Paper 1 examinations. Here is a list of Paper 1 reminders for you. I worked on this list with my students during the September holidays as well.

Below is the Preliminary composition of one of my P6 students. He scored 36/40 for his Prelim Compo and has kindly allowed this compo to be used as a model to help other students. Thank you Kendrick!

I hope the list below is useful for all P5 students and all the best for the Oral & Paper 1 components.

P5 English Paper 1 Reminders

Step 1 Theme – Moral1) What is your theme?
2) What is the moral at the end? What did your protagonist learn at the end?
Step 2 Characters1) Who is your protagonist and what is he/she like?
2) Did the protagonist evolve from the start to the end?
3) Make sure that your protagonist uses personal thought to express the theme and feelings
Step 3 Setting1) Where and when does your story take place?  
Step 4 – 8 Planning
Rising Action      
Falling Action      
1) Make sure to spend 5 minutes planning out your composition
2) Have an interesting Introduction – Dialogue/ Descriptive start / Characterisation
3) Bring back the theme at the end

P5 English model composition on the theme of ‘A new friend’

Note to students

The model compositions in this blog are to help students generate ideas and to be used as a guide. Students are not allowed to copy the model compositions and then pass them off as their own work, especially in school. It is called plagiarism.

Ominous storm clouds weaved the overcast sky into a grim overcast blanket of monotonous grey as hails of raindrops hit the window with light, rhythmic thuds. As the air rumbled with each and every crack of roaring thunder, a soft meowing could be heard. It was none other than my cat, Lev, whose sleek grey figure could be seen enveloped in a bundle of warm blankets. With the melodic tune of falling rain growing heavier, I couldn’t help but reminisce about the time when I found Lev, my new friend.

          Merciless wisps of wind howled in unison with the whiplash of cold tendrils blasting in my face as rain descended from the gloomy net above. Hugging my jacket closer, I shivered and clung onto my umbrella for dear life.

“Jeez, what is with the weather nowadays?” I lamented as I strode across puddles of muddy water along the path.

I had better hurry, lest the rain becomes heavier. I thought to myself. Needless to say, I was curious when I heard a soft purr and whimper. The urge to rush home was replaced by a burning curiosity, piquing as I approached the sound. To my surprise,  it was none other than an injured cat sheltered only by a soggy cardboard box. Being the animal sympathizer that I was, I could not help but let out a gasp.

          Like a puppet bond to a puppeteer’s strings, my body moved on its own accord and picked up the poor creature. Hugging the unconscious feline close to myself, I brisk-walked back home. Once home, I wrapped it snuggly in a small towel, no smaller than the grey cat, and proceeded to dry its silky cloak of fur. Being the “expert” that I was on first aid, I carefully cleaned its wounds and wrapped the once-bloody cut in a bandage. I realized that if I am to take care of my newfound “friend”, I had to feed it. Given that my family had yet to host an animal, it was no surprise that no cat food was found at home. After my visit to the nearby convenience store, I hastily returned with a can of cat food, only to find that my newfound friend had already awoken and was occupied with licking its fur. At the sight of me approaching with an open can in my hand, it jumped up and nimbly jumped onto my bed. However, upon seeing the food I laid down, the large glistening eyes softened, the cat let out a meow not unlike before.

          Just then, the metallic clanking of the lock was accompanied by the rusty whining of the old and creaking metal gate. It was none other than my parents,

“Welcome back! I have something to show you and Dad!” I pulled them both by the arm into my room.

“ I found this cat under a tree when it was raining just now. Can I keep it? Please? I am always alone at home and I find it very boring, Please allow me to keep it as a pet and friend!” I exclaimed as I held up the startled cat.

“Alright, but you have to be responsible for it.” My parents, to my surprise, agreed.

“Yay! I am going to name you… Lev!” I cheered as a wisp of excitement outlined my voice.

          Never would I ever forget the day I made a new friend.

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