The list of Primary 5 English Grammar: subject-verb-agreement below contains the common mistakes students may make when deciding which number (singular and plural) agree(s) with the subject and verb.

1) Neither of/Either of



Either of the students is right.

Neither of the doctors has arrived.

2) Neither..nor / Either..or

– depends on the noun closest to the blank


Neither Jane nor the boys have arrived.

Either the tigers or the elephant is making all that noise 

BE CAREFUL *Neither Jane nor I am going for the show

3) Each / everyone / every / no one



Each of the buildings is surrounded by a high fence.

Every table has a tablecloth

4) All of / Some of / A lot of

In sentences beginning with all of or some of, the true subject follows the verb


All of the equipment has been moved

Some of the pies are burnt

A lot of pie has disappeared

5) None of



None of the elephants is pink

None of the girls plays the violin

6) Here/ There

Subject follows the verb


There is a pie

There are five pies

Here is a ladder

Here are the ladders

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