The Editing section of the PSLE Paper 2 is one of the easier components, that is if you are able to spot the grammatical and spelling mistakes. If a student has a good grammatical foundation (and that would be the aim by the time the student starts his P6 year), they should manage 6 of the questions quite easily.

However, a number of students lose their marks when it comes to spelling mistakes. Often, it is the simple words that cause a student to misspell and lose their marks.

When correcting the grammatical errors in this component, we often tell our students to look out for clues the same way that they do in their Grammar MCQ and Grammar Cloze components.

When correcting spelling, they should read the sentence and infer the correct word. Sometimes, the letters can be so jumbled-up that students can’t even figure out what the word is, let alone correct its spelling. A good tip to remember is that the sound of the jumbled-up word will be the same as the word with the correct spelling. It will also indicate if the word is in singular or plural form.

For example, in 42) bevriges sounds similar to ‘beverages‘. The ‘s’ at the end of the word ‘bevriges’ also indicates that the word is in the plural form and should be corrected this way.

At Thinking Factory, we also provide our Primary 4 – Primary 6 students with Vocabulary and Editing lists every term to help them ace this component.

Would you like to have a list of all the editing spelling words in the PSLE papers from 2017 – 2020? We are happy to oblige!

But first, let’s breakdown the PSLE 2020 Editing component.

PSLE 2020 Editing component

PSLE 2020 Editing component picture

39) Answer : is

This is a grammatical error. Furniture is an uncountable noun. The sentence is in the present. Therefore ‘be’ is corrected to ‘is’.

40) Answer : attractive

This is a grammatical error. The verb ‘attract’ is corrected to the adjective ‘attractive’. Attractive is used to describe the ‘arrangement’.

41) Answer : atmosphere

This is a spelling error.

42) Answer : beverages

This is a spelling error. Take note of the plural form of the word.

43) Answer: recommendation

This is a grammar mistake. The verb ‘recommend’ is corrected to the noun ‘recommendation’. It is used to describe the suggestion from the menu.

44) Answer : scrumptious

This is a spelling error.

45) Answer: to

The preposition ‘into’ is incorrect. The preposition ‘to’ is used to describe a dish approaching perfection.

46) Answer : unique

This is a spelling error.

47) Answer : mechanical

This is a spelling error.

48) Answer : lying

Lying’ about is a phrasal verb meaning to be left around in a careless manner.

49) Answer: began

The hobby started in the past. As such, the past tense form – ‘began’ needs to be used.

50) Answer : appropriately

This is a spelling error.

We hope that this post has been useful for you. Below is the list of the spelling words found in the PSLE 2017 – 2020 papers.

PSLE Editing spelling list 2017-2020


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