I hope that everyone had a restful and fun December school holidays. As the last week of the holidays approach, I have begun to prepare the necessary materials for my Primary 6 students.

One such material is the Vocabulary and Editing list. These lists are given throughout the year and tested on a weekly basis. I create these English lists for every level, from Primary 3 to primary 6.

Primary 3 and 4 students are given just English Vocabulary lists while the Primary 5 and 6 students have both English Vocabulary and Editing lists.

This usually sums up the only homework I give my students weekly . Building on vocabulary weekly is an important way to ensure that students are exposed to new words. Of course, nothing beats reading widely when it comes to building on vocabulary ; )

These lists are relatively easy to create. Select the challenging words from the Vocabulary section of the Top School Papers and find the meanings from a dictionary. The editing words are taken from the Editing section of the Top School papers.

To get you started, here are the lists of the first two schools found in the SA1 2019 English Top School Papers.

Catholic High SA1


  1. deplete – to reduce something in size or amount especially supplies of energy
  2. dwindle -to become smaller in size or amount, or fewer in number
  3. depreciate – to (cause something to) lose value  especially over time
  4. futile – having no effect or achieving nothing
  5. superficial – never thinking about things that are serious
  6. complement – to make something else seem better or more attractive when combining with it:
  7. recall – remember
  8. reminisce –  to talk or write about past experiences that you remember with pleasure


  1. immediately
  2. solitary
  3. appearance
  4. stifled
  5. murmured
  6. demeanour

Tao Nan SA1


  1. fell out – to argue with someone and stop being friendly with them
  2. outflow – a movement away from a place
  3. zealously – in a very enthusiastic and eager way
  4. vigilantly – in a way that is always careful to notice things
  5. laboriously – a lot of time and effort
  6. indulgent – allowing someone to have or do what they want, especially when this is not good for them
  7. agreeable – pleasant or pleasing
  8. squirmed – to move from side to side in an awkward way, sometimes because of nervousness, embarrassment or pain


  1. prestigious
  2. exhausted
  3. disappointed
  4. opportunity
  5. throughout

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