Are you ready for your PSLE oral? Some students are eloquent speakers, who thrive on this component. Others, aren’t sure about what to say.

Here are 6 tips to help you in both the Reading and the Stimulus-based conversation sections.

6 PSLE English Oral tips

Tip 1

Enunciate your words clearly. Don’t rush through the reading passage. Pronounce your consonants.

Tip 2

Be expressive. Imagine that you are on stage and reading out to an audience in school. Vary your tone, pace and volume

Tip 3

Appropriateness of voice. Use the correct intonation to convey the meaning of the reading passage

Tip 4

Follow the TREES approach when answering SBC questions. Thoughts-Reasons-Examples-Experiences-Suggestions

Tip 5

Offer an example or experience for every reason given

Tip 6

Offer opinions and suggestions. In my opinion… I suggest that..

Get ready for the PSLE!

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