As this is the first year with the new Oral Format for PSLE, everyone’s wondering what may come out for SBC. I have asked my students from different schools to kindly write down what they were tested on for their prelim oral. Thanks to them, I have compiled a list below. You will notice that pictures and themes are repeated in different schools. Questions vary slightly.

I doubt that the same themes will come out for PSLE oral but you may never know… I am going through the Prelim topics with my students for practice and at the same time expanding it to include

1) Spreading viruses
2) Outdoor vs indoor activities
3) Sports
4) Attending talks, funfairs and camps
5) Singapore

This list is of course is incomplete as oral is tested over 2 days in some schools.

The only school missing from my students’ is Nan Hua Primary as their Prelims is next week.

Rosyth Primary School

Theme: Sports

Picture: Admission ticket to 20th Youth Games

Q1: Would you be interested in buying this ticket?
Q2: Why do you think that people will attend this event?
Q3: How do you maintain a healthy lifestyle besides sports?

St Andrews Junior (similar to Nanyang Pri School – NYPS)

Theme: Assembly Talk/Occupations

Picture: Assembly Talk with 4 Occupations

Q1: Would you attend this assembly talk? Why or why not?
Q2: If given a choice, which occupation would you listen to more attentively?
Q3: What do you aspire to be when you grow up?

Marie Stella (similar to CHIJ St Nicholas)

Theme: Sports

Picture: A canoeing course

Q1: Would you sign up for this course?
Q2: What are your favourite outdoor activities?
Q3: Do you think that team work is important?


Theme: Hobbies

Picture: A flyer on different hobbies- Photography, Art, Sports, Reading

Q1: Which of these hobbies would you choose?
Q2: What are your other hobbies?
Q3: What are the values you can learn from your hobbies?
Q4: How can you persuade your friend to like your hobby?

Yew Tee Primary

Theme: Singapore

Picture: A book about Singapore

Q1: Would you be interested in reading this book about Singapore? Why or why not
Q2: Tell me about a place in Singapore you have visited
Q3: Tell me about a country you would like to go for the coming holidays

Mee Toh Primary (similar to Red Swastika, Henry Park & ACS)

Theme: Games/Family

Picture: A game stall- pupils playing a game with 3 prizes

Q1: Would you like to participate in this game? Why or why not?
Q2: Tell me about a time you won a prize
Q3: What activities do you and your family do during the weekend?


Theme: Assembly Talk/Occupations

Picture: Assembly Talk with parents of pupils jobs: Nurse, Taxi Driver, Policeman, Animator

Q1: Would you attend the assembly talk? Why or why not?
Q2: The school has organised many assembly talks, what other assembly talks would you like the school to organise?
Q3: What do you aspire to be when you grow up?

Theme: Dengue

Picture: 5 steps for Mozzie Wipeout

Q1: How else can you prevent dengue?
Q2: What other ways are there to promote citizens to do the 5 step mozzie wipeout?
Q3: How can we prevent illnesses such as dengue from spreading?

Pei Hwa PPS

Theme: Dengue

Picture: Poster on preventing dengue fever and breeding of Aedes Mosquitoes

Q1: Do you think that the poster is effective in preventing the breeding of Aedes mosquitoes?
Q2: Tell me about a time you were sick
Q3: Besides clearing stagnant water, other ways can you protect our environment and be a responsible citizen?

ACS + Henry Park (I have mixed both questions)

Theme: Carnivals

Picture: Poster on carnival games

Q1: Would you like to play this game?
Q2: Do you think that it will be easy to win
Q3: Tell me about a time you won a prize

Red Swastika

Theme: Funfair

Picture: Game booth

Q1: Would you like to participate in this game?
Q2: Have you ever been to a carnival or funfair before?
Q3: Do you think prizes at a game booth are important?

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