Monday will mark the start of the PSLE Oral. I have been consolidating and testing all that we have learnt in the past year with my students.

My students have kindly helped me compile their school’s preliminary oral themes and questions. Instead of structuring the list under schools, I decided to structure the list according to the 4 main themes tested during the Preliminary Oral in my students’ schools.

Some questions asked were rather straight forward while others required more thought. We hope that the list will be useful for you as you do your revision this weekend. We, at Thinking Factory, wish you all the best for the PSLE Oral!

2022 list of prelim oral themes

Theme : Volunteering

A poster about volunteering at an Old Folk’s Home

  • Q1 – Would you sign up for this volunteering programme?
  • Q2 – Who else would you like to give back to in your community?
  • Q3 – Do you think that the suggested activities are appropriate for the elderly?

A poster about volunteering to make old clothes into blankets

  • Q1 – Would you volunteer for this?
  • Q2 – How does your family practice the 3Rs?
  • Q3 – How would you encourage your friends to practice the 3Rs?
  • Q4  – Why do you think that upper primary students were asked to volunteer?
  • Q5 – Tell me about a project that you did using recycled materials

A poster about volunteering to help a P1 buddy

  • Q1 – Would you volunteer for this activity?
  • Q2 – Tell me about a time you have helped someone that you had been a buddy to
  • Q3 – Do you think that in Secondary school you would have a buddy who will take care of you?
  • Q4 – Why do you think that selected pupils are given training?

Theme : Recycling

A poster about a girl carrying plastic bottles and sorting clothes

  • Q1 – Are you like the girl in the picture?
  • Q2 – Do you think that hand-me-down clothes are still wearable?
  • Q3 – How do you recycle?
  • Q4 – Do you think that the poster is effective in encouraging others to do what is on it?

A poster about a girl recycling correctly and a notice about recycling correctly

  • Q1 – What does your school do to promote recycling?
  • Q2 – Do you think that wearing second-hand clothes is recycling?

Theme : Neighbourhood

A poster about a Community Club event – Neighbours bringing food to an event and attending a party

  • Q1 – Would you attend this party?
  • Q2 – Why do you think that attendees need to inform the CC about the food they are bringing?
  • Q3 – Which activity is suitable for children around your age to bond together?
  • Q4 – Do you bond with your neighbours often? Why or why not?
  • Q5 – Should more bonding activities be organized?

Theme : Health

A poster about an exercise video by a popular coach that will improve your mental health and let you relax

  • Q1 – Would you watch this demonstration? Why or why not?
  • Q2 – Do you prefer to relax by yourself or relax with your friends?
  • Q3 – Would you prefer learning online or offline?
  • Q4 – Do you think that exercising is a good way to relieve stress?
  • Q5 – State one way that you relieve stress
  • Q6 – Do you think that reading is a good way to relieve stress?
  • Q7 – Tell me about a time that you were stressed

Good Eating Habits is Important Contest

  • Q1 – Would you participate in this event?
  • Q2 – Is the internet safe?
  • Q3 – Would you prefer the internet or the newspapers for information?

A poster about a subscription for $1.99 per month for 991 healthy recipes

  • Q1 – Would you visit this website?
  • Q2 – Do you think that eating healthily is important?
  • Q3 – Do you think that the information online is trustworthy?

Get ready for the PSLE!

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