We work on a new theme every lesson at Thinking Factory. All or half the class must answer the SBC questions asked based on a particular poster. This takes up about 20 minutes of lesson time but this ensures that students are exposed to a variety of different oral themes right up to their Preliminary oral. We also discuss together the best ways to approach each question in the SBC using the TREES approach.

I have compiled a list of SA1 and Preliminary SBC themes that my students from 2016-2019 were tested on. I have chosen two common themes from each year. I hope that this can help students prepare for their Prelim oral in some small way.

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P6 SA1 & Preliminary Stimulus-based conversation topics 2016-2019


1) St Stevens/SCGS/Henry Park

Theme: Science Fair

Pic : A Science Fair/ 3 experiments in different classrooms (how to make snow, how to get electricity from a potato/how Coca-Cola cleans)

Would you attend this Science fair?

Have you been to a Science Fair?

Which of these experiments interest you?

How would you improve your Science lessons?


Theme: Sports Day

Pic: gunny sack race, 3-legged race, egg and spoon race, wheelbarrow race

Which of these activities would you like to participate in?

Do you like your school’s sports day?

How would you like your school to improve the Sports Day?


3) Chongfu Primary (& several other schools)

Theme : Community

Picture: Resident Corner (playing chess with others, chatting with neighbours, karaoke)

Would you want to come down to this resident corner? Why or why not?

How do you spend time with your neighbours?

How do we become a good neighbour?

What do you do during your free time?

What would you do if your neighbours have conflicts?

Why is it important to know your neighbours?

How can we be considerate to our neighbours?

What can Community Clubs do to maintain your relationship with your neigbours?

4) Pei Hwa Primary School

Theme: Gadgets

Picture: The all in one gadget

Would you like to buy this all on one gadget?

Do you spend a lot of time on your electronic devices?

How can you help a friend who is addicted to computer games?


5) MGS / Hong Wen

Theme: Personal Interest

Picture: Poster of a Hip Hop Dance Class. Available for all age groups

1) Would you attend this event?

2) Do you think that this poster would attract people?

3) What is your CCA ?


Theme: Personal Interest

Picture: Children’s Day Carnival

1) Would you be interested in joining this event?

2) What other events does your school celebrate?

3) If you can run any event any way you like, how would you run it? 

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