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Online Subscription $15 per month
Read the latest news on your smartphone, ipad, computer or tablet. Anytime, anywhere! Whenever you have some free time!

Hardcopy Subscription $20 per month
The latest news delivered right to your doorstep every morning!

Question 1: Which type of newspaper would you subscribe to?

I would definitely choose to subscribe to the online edition of the newspaper. My parents subscribe to the hardcopy and they get their newspaper every morning at the doorstep. My dad enjoys reading it while having breakfast but it really is such a mess! There are many different sections to the newspaper and when you open it up, it takes up a lot of space! Sometimes, commuters on the public transport read the newspaper and no one likes to sit next to such a commuter. Once, I sat next to a lady reading the newspaper. The edges of the newspaper were resting on my arm and the commuter took up all the place. I had to squeeze against the window of the bus, which was very uncomfortable. Plus, printing out newspapers and not recycling them is bad for our Earth. If we save some trees by ordering our newspapers online, we have done our part.Nowadays, everyone owns a smartphone or tablet. These gadgets are small and compact and take up little space. It is easy to whip them out at any time and read the news. So, I would choose to order my newspapers online.

Question 2: Do you watch the news on television?

No, I usually don’t. I come home late from school on most days and after dinner I am doing my homework or reading. I only watch the news when a very interesting event has happened or is happening.The last time I watched the news was during the Olympics especially when Joseph Schooling won the Gold in the Olympics!  My friends and I were glued to the nightly news on Channel News Asia to watch the replay of the swimming and other sporting events.However, if I do miss the news on television, I can always go on youtube to watch what I have missed. Many people put up videos of events or important news. I can also go on to the Channel News Asia website and look for the missed videos there.

Question 3: Do you think reading the newspaper is important?

I think that keeping abreast of current news is important but I do not like to read all the news articles. Some of them like the Financial Section is too complicated for me. Some of the news articles also make me sad, especially when I read about tragedies in the world.My mother thinks that some news are not appropriate for young children so when she sees an interesting article in the newspaper, she will ask me to read it. Sometimes she will email me some links to newspaper articles she finds online for me to read them on my smartphone.My parents believe that knowing what is going on in the world and in Singapore is important. We discuss some current events like the recent American elections and speculate what will happen in the future. Some local news also give me ideas for school work, especially for writing my Compositions or for Oral! So yes, I think it is important to read the newspapers.

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