Firstly, thank you to all the students who attended the PSLE Oral workshop over the Public Holiday & their parents who sacrificed their day off ferrying them. My hope is that the students found the workshop beneficial for the upcoming PSLE Oral.

Below, is the list of the Preliminary Oral Questions, kindly shared by my students and some of the students from the workshop. This is good for revision. Prepare the answers and do some research online for the facts for questions such as energy conservation. Also, be able to analyse a poster confidently.


I think that the poster is relatively effective because…. I would add….to the poster.

My next post will be the Reminders for the PSLE Oral. I wish everyone the best of luck for the PSLE Oral. Look at the examiners, be confident and when in doubt, give personal examples.

Here is the List of preliminary Oral questions 2016


Theme: Pet Adoption


Poster of a dog with dates of Pet adoption. Fees are also waived for adoption. Animal talks on how to care for your dog.


1) Will you attend this event? Why or why not?
2) Do you have a pet? What do you do to take care of your pet?
3) Owning a dog needs the owner to be patient and responsible. Do you agree?


Theme: Sports


Sports activities held on Friday recess. Venue: Sports Hall. Picture of people playing soccer, badminton and basketball.


1) Would you like to take part in this activity?
2) Has your school ever held an activity like this before?
3) Some people like team sports while others like individual sports. Which one do you like and why?


Theme: Health Magazine

  • 5 Super foods that children should include in their diets.
  • Different workouts for kids
  • Talks and interview given by a doctor
  • $12 for 14 issues for a year if you attend the roadshow

1) Would you subscribe to this?
2) Why do you think the points are bulleted?
3) Why do you think they put the word ‘different’ for kids workouts?
4) What food do you usually eat at the school canteen and what food would you ask your friends to keep away from?


Theme: Family


Sports Funfair, parent child event


1) Would you want to attend this parent child event?
2) How do you bond with your family?
3) What do you want your school to organise as a post examination activity? (post: after the PSLE)

Theme: Responsibility


Showing the amount of Lost and Found objects in 2014 compared to 2015, which has increased


1) How can you prevent the number of lost and found items from increasing?
2) Have you ever lost something?
3) In your opinion, if a child lost their mobile phone, should a parent buy another one?

St Stevens/SCGS/Henry Park

Theme: Science Fair


A Science Fair/ 3 experiments in different classrooms (how to make snow, how to get electricity from a potato/how Coca-Cola cleans)


1) Would you attend this Science fair?
2) Have you been to a Science Fair?
3)Which of these experiments interest you?
4) How would you improve your Science lessons?


Theme: Sports Day


gunny sack race, 3-legged race, egg and spoon race, wheelbarrow race


1) Which of these activities would you like to participate in?
2) Do you like your school’s sports day?
3) How would you like your school to improve the Sports Day?

Princess Elizabeth

Theme: Energy Conservation


Energy exhibition- details: Weekend 9am-6pm/ Talks scheduled on Energy Conservation


1) Would you attend this exhibition?
2) Have you ever been to an exhibition?
3) How do you and your family conserve energy?

Tao Nan

Theme: Saving Water


Poster on Saving Water & 4 ways to save water


1) Do you agree with the ways to save water?
2) How do you save water at home?
3) How can you raise awareness in your school about how to save water?

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