As the P6 Preliminary Oral approaches, here are some questions that you can work on at home with your child. 

St Magarets


Recycling with 3Rs


1) Do you think that it is important for schools to have a recycling bin?
2) Why do you think that recycling is important?
3) What are the methods that you use to recycle?



4 activities – soccer / baking / akido / dancing


1) Which activity would you like to participate in?
2) What are the qualities you can get from a CCA?
3) What do you do during the weekend with your family?

CHIJ Our Lady of Good Counsel


MP3 player/ books/ phone/diary


1) What would you choose to do to relax? Why?
2) What else would you do to relax and do you think your friends would enjoy it/them?
3) Who do you turn to in your family when you are in trouble?

Pei Hwa PPS


Cup of noodles (hot & spicy, no MSG, 3 minutes to cook, includes egg and vegetables)


1) Would you purchase this?
2) What do you think MSG is?
3) How do you keep a balanced diet?  

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