The PSLE English Oral 2023 Day 1 was straightforward. A poster of an exhibition with information was given. Three main questions were given in the PSLE booklet but not all students were asked the same questions or the same number of questions.

After the PSLE Oral, we discussed it in our P6 classes and students realised that some schools were asked different questions based on the same poster.

Some schools were also asked a different number of questions. Everyone in one school was asked 5 questions while another only 4 etc. (These questions were not prompts). Although, we are not sure why, this is something to be noted.

For today’s blog post, I will use the three main questions found in the PSLE booklet as examples of how students can answer the questions using the TREES approach. The model answers given were some of the ones that TF’s 2023 P6 students gave during their PSLE Oral.

These students scored AL1 or AL2 for their PSLE English in 2023.

1. SBC Question Types And Strategies On How To Answer Them

First, let us analyse the question types and how to answer them.

Q1 is a Choice question. This question will require students to give 2-3 Reasons why they will or won’t visit the exhibition. They will need to expand on each reason by elaborating on each reason. Then, they should give a similar Experience and link the experience to the choice they made. Lastly, remember to end off ‘neatly’ by reaffirming your choice.

Q2 is an Experience question. It requires students to give an Experience about a visit to a place of interest in Singapore. The experience should be lengthy, giving details of When they went, with Whom, Why and What they saw there. They should end off Experience question types with an Opinion. For example, they can talk about why they feel it is a suitable place of interest for Singaporeans and tourists.

Q3 is an Opinion question. Students should share their Opinions giving at least 2 Reasons why they feel that way. They should then offer their own personal Experiences and even add in Suggestions if possible.

Now, that you know what the question types were in the 2023 Day 1 PSLE Oral, let us take a look at an example of how you can answer the questions.

2. Examples Of Questions And Model Answers From The English PSLE Oral 2023

PSLE English language Stimulus-based conversation picture
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PSLE Examination Papers 2021 – 2023

Q1. Would you be interested in visiting this exhibition?


Yes, I would be interested in visiting this exhibition.

Reason 1 :

Firstly, the Fantastic Future Exhibition is held from June to December, allowing me 6 months to visit it. If I am too busy revising for my PSLE during the June holidays, I can always visit the exhibition when my PSLE is over. I will have ample time on my hands and I will need to find ways to spend my time meaningfully. Visiting a futuristic exhibition will be an interesting experience for me. I know two other friends who would also be interested in such an exhibition and we can all go together.

Reason 2 :

Secondly, I have recently become interested in the advancement of technology and engineering. I have been reading articles about Artificial Intelligence and I am interested to know how far it can go. In this exhibition, I will be able to talk to a robot. I am curious to know how advanced this robot is and what I can converse with the robot about. Taking a ride in a flying car is another event exhibit that I cannot wait to see and experience. I really hope that I am able to ride in that car during the exhibition! It would really be an experience!

Reason 3 :

I am also passionate about climate change and I feel that we need to do something quickly before the consequences of climate change become irreversible. I hope that the exhibition will offer solutions to this problem.

Experience :

A few weeks ago, my school took us on an excursion to the Science Centre. We were there to visit the exhibition about Energy. We learnt about the different forms of energy found in nature and their uses and how we can harness them. We also learnt about what type of energy Singapore uses. I felt that it was extremely interesting and I was able to see first-hand how energy works instead of just studying concepts from textbooks or doing examination papers.

(Link experience to answer) : The exhibition on energy was very beneficial so I think that this exhibition will be the same.

Conclusion :

In conclusion, I would be interested to visit this exhibition.

Q2. Tell us about a place of interest in Singapore that you have visited or would like to visit.

Experience :

I have visited many places of interest in Singapore but the one that I really like is the Botanic Gardens. In 2015, it was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the only tropical garden on the UNESCO World Heritage List so I think as a Singaporean we can feel very proud of that!

Every school holiday, we go there very often! My father will run in the Gardens and my mother and I will take a stroll to admire the plants and flowers. Later, we will lay our mat on the grassy patch and listen to music or play ball games. There is a cafe nearby so if we are hungry, we can eat there before heading home.

There is something very peaceful about the Botanic Gardens even if it is crowded with people. When it isn’t the school holidays, we go to the Botanic Gardens once a week. Last Saturday, we had a family picnic there with our extended family. A singer was performing at the Symphony Lake. We all brought mats and sat on the grassy patch facing the stage. After the performance, my younger cousins played a ball game and my cousin who is the same age as me, talked about our PSLE year. I really enjoyed myself that day!

Opinion :

In my opinion, we are very lucky to live in Singapore. There are many beautiful and interesting places of interest here.

Q3. Do you think that the school holidays are long enough?

Opinion :

Yes, I think that the school holidays in Singapore are long enough.

Reason 1 :

We have 4 weeks of holiday in June and 6 weeks in December. We also have a week in March and a week in September. As a student, I feel that that is enough of a break from school to relax and do other activities. If the school holidays are longer, we may lose our momentum in our studies or forget what we have learnt in school. Some children may even develop bad habits such as gaming too much.

Reason 2 :

I enjoy spending time with my friends at school and I usually don’t meet them often during the school holidays. When we are together in school, we study together or have recess together. So, I would rather be at school with them than at home.

Reason 3 :

Both my parents work and they are only able to take leave for a short time for us to go on a holiday. This is the case for many of my friends as well. Most of my school holidays are spent doing some assessment books or going for classes or holiday programs as my parents want to make sure that I am occupied while they are at work. They are also worried that I will spend too much time on my phone or Ipad so I have limited screen time.

Experience :

During this June holidays, my parents were unable to take much time off work so we had a short holiday in Malaysia. We went to Desaru and spent time shopping and eating in Johor. The rest of the holidays were spent revising for my PSLE. I did not meet up with my friends and I was really looking forward to returning to school at the end of the June holidays! I missed them, especially this year as it will be our last year in primary school together.

Conclusion :

Therefore, I feel that the school holidays are long enough.

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