Another common PSLE English Oral theme is based on food and eating healthy. Below is an example taken from the SA1 theme of one of my students and worked on during my June workshops.

PSLE English Oral model on the theme of food

picture for PSLE English Oral model on the theme of food

Yummy Cup Of Noodles
 Hot and Spicy, no MSG, 3 minutes to cook, includes egg and vegetables

Question 1: Would you purchase this?

Yes, I would. I like spicy food and the Yummy Cup of Noodles only takes 3 minutes to make. I don’t need to add in eggs or vegetables as it is included in the packet. I just need to add in hot water and voila, the meal is ready. I don’t need any culinary skills. Plus there is no MSGThis will be useful as an afternoon snack. On some days, my mother is out ferrying my younger sister for her after-school classes. If she doesn’t have time to cook a proper lunch I can make this on my own.Also, if I have to stay back after school, I don’t find the canteen food very filling and I’m usually hungry by 4pm. This could be a good snack for me. 

Question 2: What do you think MSG is?

I have heard  my mom talk about it. It is a kind of salt that enhances the flavour of food. While it makes food tasty it is very unhealthy. It is found in food that is cooked in restaurants and food courts as those places need MSG to make their food tasty. It is also found in processed food like canned foods and even biscuits. It is man made so it’s not natural and can cause diseases.I have an aunt who every time she eats in a restaurant that has MSG in it develops a headache. She can immediately tell if the food has too much MSG. I think I would rather eat more natural less tasty food than to be ill. 

Question 3: Why do you think that it is important for children to have a balanced and healthy diet?

I think that as children we should develop good eating habits for later in life. If we learn to eat vegetables and fruits daily, it will develop our mind and body into fit adults. Too much junk food can lead to obesity and no one wants to be obese. At my age, overweight children cannot run fast or play sports well. It restricts what they can do during PE and even during recess. It can be difficult to make friends later in life. This will also be difficult during National Service as we should be ready and fit for the challenges that we will face. Eating too much sweets and fatty foods can lead to illnesses later in life. Too much sugar can lead to diabetes and too much fatty foods can lead to high cholesterol and other diseases. My grandfather dislikes vegetables and fruits. All his life he has eaten unhealthy food. He has a number of diseases now and cannot walk that well while grandma has always eaten well and even at 80 years old she is still active! Mother has an interest in cooking healthy food. She says she doesn’t want to put on weight so she cooks low fat food and a lot of organic vegetables for our meals. She is always looking for healthy recipes to try out on us!

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