Hello from Japan! I am in the midst of my annual holiday but I am taking a break today (from all the walking and eating!!) to share with you on Part 2 of my Oral practice series : Community.

Some of the common topics tested under this title are Recycling, Saving water and Volunteering.

Below are 2 such topics.

Topic 1: Save Water Oral model answer

Topic 1: Save Water Oral model answer picture

Do you agree with the above ways to save water?

Yes,  I do. The ways stated are practical and applies to children as well as eveyry member of the family. Everyone takes showers, brushes their teeth and flushes the toilet and washes dishes!I never knew that there so much of water is used just for a 4 minute shower. Unfortunately, I am guilty of leaving the shower on while I soap myself. Even though I know that I should turn it off I often forget! Sometimes, my mom will yell for me to hurry up and not waste water but I love my showers! Especially on a hot day.I do follow the way to save water when brushing my teeth. I always turn off the tap after I have wet my brush and I use a cup to rinse my mouth with water. My domestic helper usually washes the dishes and unfortunately I know that she leaves the water running. I will show her the poster and explain to her why she shouldn’t be doing that.I think that the idea of checking for leaks in the toilet is an excellent one! I will surely try that at home. We may have  a leak and not even know about it.

How do you save water at home?

My mother is very particular about water conservation as the water bill can be quite high. She makes sure that the water used to wash vegetables is then used to water our plants. She constantly reminders to turn off the tap or shower when we brush our teeth or soap ourselves and gets angry if she catches us not doing what has been told! My mother is thinking of buying a dishwasher as she says it will save us money in the long run due to lower water consumption.

How can you raise awareness about saving water in your school?

I believe that once a year, a talk about water conservation is held in school during assembly.  One year there was even an interesting play about what happens when we waste water. This talk is useful because as children we sometimes forget to use water wisely. Also, we may not understand how much water we waste and why we should conserve water.Aside from the talk, we can also put up posters in the school toilets, reminding students to make sure that the faucets are turned off properly after washing their hands.  There could also be posters about the importance of water conservation pasted around the schools.

Topic 2: Volunteering

picture for Topic 2: Volunteering

Have you ever visited an Old Folks Home?

Yes I have. Last year in May, my school brought us to an Old Folks Home. It was part of a school programme. Before the visit, my teacher broke us up into groups and each group was assigned a different task to do at the Old Folks Home. My group was in charge of the entertainment and we were performing a song and dance. Instead of choosing a current song, we decided to surprise them by singing a classic song from their time. So, we all went home and quizzed our grandparents what their favourite songs were when they were young. We chose a Chinese song and a very popular American song called Tie a yellow Ribbon.The elderly at the Home loved the songs. They requested an encore which we were very happy to oblige them. 

Do you think that children should put their parents into a Home for the Elderly if they are unable to care for them?

Many of the elderly I met at the Home seemed happy. They had the company of friends and entertainment throughout the day. However, some of them told me that their children and grandchildren do not visit them often and I found that sad.My maternal grandparents live with us. They are very active and love to spend time walking in the park, shopping and cooking. I do not think that they would be happy living in a Home. I would not put my grandparents nor my parents in a Home unless they wanted to be in one. I think we should find the time and means to care for them as they have cared for us. Anything is possible if we really put our minds to it. 

How do you spend time with your grandparents?

During the weekdays, I am busy at school and with after school activities. When I get home, grandma is there, ready  with lunch or a snack. Even if she goes out with her friends, she will always be home to greet me when I return from school. In the evenings, my mother will be home from work and grandma and her will prepare dinner. Grandpa will help me with my Math homework as he used to be a Math teacher!On Saturdays, my grandparents are very busy with their own activities but on Sundays we will spend time as a family, going out for lunch, a walk in the park or visiting a museum.Honestly, I just like to sit and listen to my grandparents stories about ‘back in the day’. They have such lively and funny stories about living in the kampong and the games they played. I really enjoy my time with them!

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