My P6s have been at work, preparing for the upcoming Preliminary and PSLE oral examinations. We have been working on a number of themes. Below is one that I did during the June holiday workshop. I wish everyone all the best for the Prelims!

Illustration – PSLE English Oral model answer on the theme of Children’s Day

picture for PSLE English Oral model Children’s Day

Question 1: Would you attend this Children’s Day carnival?


Yes, I would attend this Children’s day Carnival.  


I have never been to Amazonia so it will be interesting exploring the place.  

Personal Example

My family and I tend to go to the same places most weekends or public holidays. It is usually to East Coast beach to cycle and then to have lunch or dinner nearby. Many of my friends explore new places or events quite often and come back and tell me about their experiences. I am quite envious of them to be honest. I have never been to Kidzania even though I am almost 12 years-old! As it will be Children’s Day and my last year to celebrate, I think my parents can be convinced to take us somewhere new like Amazonia  

Reason 2

I think the price is quite steep at $66 per child. However, if you read the poster carefully, you will be able to see that we get a lot for that price. A kids meal is included plus candy floss and popcorn. On top of that, we will receive a goodie bag worth $50!  

Reason 3

Another reason that I would like to go to this carnival is that the games sound really fun. I like playing golf but I have never played glow in the dark golf nor spaceball! I think it will be quite the experience! My younger sister will surely enjoy the cupcake decoration.

Personal Example 2

My younger sister has aspirations to own her own cupcake shop. Every weekend she will watch recipes on Youtube and try them out at home. Then my family and I will be the guinea pigs and try them out. Some of them are really delicious like chocolate and berry flavours but some are just awful! Once she tried to make marmite flavoured cupcakes and we threw away the whole batch!

Question 2: What events does your school celebrate? Tell us about one

My school celebrates quite a number of events. We celebrate all the festivals such as Chinese New Year and Hari Raya. During those festivals, there will always be a short concert plus we may get to come to school in our traditional outfits.   Aside from festivals, my school also celebrates Teacher’s Day which is my favourite school celebration. I think that I’ve been very lucky throughout my 6 years in school. I have always had caring and kind teachers who have motivated me to do my best. Once a year, on Teacher’s Day we get a chance to show our appreciation for our teachers.  

Last year, my friends and I came up with a song for our form teacher. We wrote out the lyrics and sang it on stage. We also performed a dance and dedicated it to all our teachers. It was a hip hop dance and we had practised for it for months. My teachers loved it so I think it was a success. I also made cards for my teachers and special bookmarks as gifts. My teachers always tell me that when they receive handmade gifts, it is more special because time and effort were put in to make it beautiful

Question 3: If you could run any event any way you like, which event would you run and how would you run it?

I would like to run a charity event for the orphanages in third world countries such as in Cambodia. When I was in preschool, the parents were encouraged to open stalls during the preschool funfair. The proceeds from the funfair would all go to a charity in Cambodia.   I think that it is a great way to help others in need as we are very fortunate here in Singapore. Most children are happy and financially stable. We have enough food and we are able to buy what we need and even want.   I think I would organise a charity fun fair in school and students can open up stalls to sell things or organise games. My sister can sell her cupcakes and I will create a mini golf game. All the money that we make can go to a charity that we choose.

Get ready for the PSLE!

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