• Use the 5 minutes preparation time to read the passage softly, aloud. This allows you to sound out the words and be comfortable and confident when you read it aloud to the examiner
  • Be lively and expressive right from the start!! Imagine you are on stage and you are reading aloud from a script. Pretend to be an actor.
  • Be especially expressive when there is dialogue in the passage. Imagine that you are the character speaking.
  • Pronounce each word as clearly as possible. Do not rush but do not read too slow either. You must have a smooth flow.
  • Open your mouth when you read. In other words, don’t mumble. This allows pronunciation to be clearer.
  • Don’t stumble over your words. Unfortunately, marks are subtracted, even for small mistakes.
  • Practice reading aloud in your room or in front of your family. Past PSLE reading passages are found in your PSLE booklet.

Stimulus-based conversation

  • Use the 5 minutes preparation time to look at the poster, advertisement or flyer and try to imagine the theme and possible questions the examiner may ask.
  • If the question is on Choice, talk about the reasons why you have made the choice and give personal examples. “My mother always reminds me to eat healthily. She…” You do not have to give reasons why you don’t choose the other options. If you do, make it brief. The focus is on the choice you have made.
  • If the question is a recount one, explain in detail where, what, why and add in one or two opinions. “Two years ago, my parents took me to a Home for the Elderly..”
  • If the question is an opinion one, express your opinions, there is no right or wrong answer. Back up your opinion by giving personal examples. “I know a friend who has…
  • Relax and smile. You are having a conversation, not making a speech. How relaxed you look, will display how confident you are to the examiner.
  • Add some humor if you can.
  • Do not fidget or hold the SBC picture in your hands throughout the conversation. As soon as you use the information on the paper to answer your question, put it down and converse.
  • Keep eye contact with the examiners. It shows your confidence.

Get ready for the PSLE!

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