Every year, I get my P5 & P6 students to prepare the questions on the list. The list was created by one of the ‘top’ schools a few years back as a means to prepare their students for the SBC portion of the oral component.

I like this list and feel that it is a good way for students to plan key questions beforehand as a means of oral preparation work. This is why I post this list on my blog every year around this time. Usually the second and third questions of any oral test can be found from the list of questions here.

And much to my students’ delight, question number 3 under Personal was one of the questions asked for PSLE Oral 2019.

So, for this March holiday, try to spend some time preparing the answers to these questions using the TREES method. (Thought – Reason – Example – Experience – Suggestion.)

An example of how to use this method is below, along with the list of questions. Rest well and stay healthy 🙂


1) What do you do during your free time?

2) How do you usually spend your weekends?

3) Do you enjoy reading? What kind of books do you read?

4) Tell us about a time when you felt happy

5) What games or activities do you like?

6) What games/activities do you think are fun for children?

7) Which is your favourite mode of transportation and why?

8) Which country do you wish to visit? Why?

9) What are some things you do with your friends?


1) How do you keep fit/ maintain a healthy lifestyle?

2) Tell us about a visit you made to a clinic.

3) What is your favourite food? Is it good for health?


1) Do you help out with the household chores at home? Tell me about it.

2) Do you keep any pets? Why or why not?

3) How do you spend time with your family? Tell me about it

4) What festival do you celebrate


1) Tell us about a visit you made to a zoo or a park

2) Tell us about an interesting place you have visited

3) Tell us about a school activity that you have taken part in

4) What do you think pupils can learn from taking part in school outdoor activities


1) Have you helped anyone in need before? Tell me about it

2) Tell us about a time you did something special for someone

3) Tell us about a time that someone helped you


(1) What do you do during your free time?


I rarely have any free time this year but when I do, it is usually over the weekends. I have a few hobbies such as reading, creating an imaginary world on my SIMS and cycling. However, as the PSLE year ticks by, I have less and less free time, even over the weekend. Thus, I have to choose what I want to do wisely.

Reason 1, Examples & Experiences

 For the past few months, my favourite activity is cycling outdoors. After long hours of revision work at home, I will hop on my bicycle and cycle around my neighbourhood. I have a large park near my home called Bishan Park and I love to cycle around the park, listening to the birds chirping and feeling the cool wind on my face. I adore the silence when the park is quiet and no one is around but I also enjoy watching families having their picnics or children rollerblading. It serves as a reminder of all the activities I can do once the PSLE is over!

Reason 2 & Examples & Experiences

I think that cycling is a great way to spend my valuable free time. I get to exercise, as well as, socialise with the people living in my neighbourhood. I have a few friends who live in my area and sometimes we will cycle around together. I read an article that said that high rates of activity in children have been associated with high test scores! So staying active actually helps me become more intelligent.


In my honest opinion, I think that children in Singapore have too much homework and we spend too much time on academic achievements. I know that it is important to study hard but I think Singaporean children have too little free time. We need free time to relax and perform fun activities besides academic work.

We should find ways to relieve stress and talk to others around us especially when we are undergoing a stressful situation. For me, cycling is what I enjoy doing the most during my free time.

Get ready for the PSLE!

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